Taking the Summer off

Hi all,

Were taking the summer off, due to home, and personal obligations. Have a wonderful summer and see you in September.


My love of Jamie Oliver – Recipe Alert

Ok, so you know how some people love certain famous chef’s and love to mimic or attempt to make things that they do? Well with me, that is Jamie Oliver.

And today, I wanted to share a few of my tried and tested appetizer recipes:


So, awesome! Especially for a large party or pot luck. And an even better cheat! Buy the Pillsbury Pizza dough, makes it even faster. And a jar of your favorite pizza sauce.

Beautiful baked Camembert

I love this recipe, for parties, or even small gatherings. We usually do something like this at Christmas, or a baked Bree with red pepper jelly and crostini.

Antipasti of mozzarella, chilli, & lemon crostini

Antipasti, is one of my all time favorite appetizers. I could do this year round, and this recipe is great for beginners, or something small, for a dinner for two.

The next two recipes I am personally going to try…


Chicken Kebabs, and The Sexiest Salad in the World. This is going to make for an interesting date night combination!!




A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Last week we talked about photography and why we love it.  So we decided we’d prove it this week. We talked about our “skills”, so we figured we’d share our favourite shots that we’ve ever taken.

Sarah’s Favourite Picture

I had a hard time narrowing my favourite down to one or two pictures. So I put a few together for you.  Hope you like them! 🙂

portfolio favourites


Bonnie Favourite Picture

I’m in the same boat as Sarah, and can’t choose my favorites either, so here are a couple of mine.


Photography … The Other Love of Our Lives

Sarah and I met in college, and one of the classes that we began our bond in, was an introduction to photography. We had this fantastic teacher, whom we both loved dearly, and taught us more than just how to use a camera.

Sarah and I both use Nikon D40’s an oldie but a goodie. Both Sarah and I love this camera, it dose not do video, or anything fancy that any of the new DSLR’s do, but as one of the salesmen at Henry’s Camera said to me once, “It is one of the best camera bodies that Nikon has ever made.” I also own a Sony Cybershot which I keep in my purse at all times, as you never know when you are going to need a camera. I did have a Nikon Coolpix,but it eventually died on me, and I received the Cybershot as a gift for working for my company for 5 years, so even though I didn’t have the choice I would prefer going to Nikon for any of my camera needs, as I have never been let down by them. (The Coolpix dying was my own fault.) I also use my Iphone quite often, I do carry my Cybershot with me at all times, but digging it out of my purse can have the moment I want to take pass me by, so my phone is always a good option.

photo: nikonusa.com
Why Bonnie Loves Photography:
The funny thing, is I cannot stand having my own picture taken, but I love being behind the camera. I might not take the best pictures in the world and I am a total amateur , but I can hold my own. Capturing the special moments in life is one of the best things in the world. I love seeing the beauty in a situation, and capturing the shot forever with my camera.
Why Sarah Loves Photography:
As long as I can remember I’ve always had a camera near by.  But it wasn’t until our college course that I was able to develop some actual skills (I use the word skills loosely).  I’ve had people tell me I should start a business, but no way am I worthy of taking peoples money for it.  That being said, I’ve had a few people ask me to do things for them (engagement and maternity pictures) and doing things like that for everyone has helped me develop my skills even more. The majority of my photography is of my son, and yes I am a little trigger happy with the camera around him.  But it’s those pictures that I can look back at when he’s 20 to remember how adorable he was, and not such a huge pain in the butt.

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go….or are you?

What do you pack when you travel? Clothes, toiletries, make-up, camera, money.  It all depends on where you’re going, but don’t forget about the other important things you need.  Your paperwork.

Before I even start packing my clothes and the essentials for my trip I make sure I have all my papers together.  A lot of people don’t necessarily bring these with them, but I’d rather have them with me in case something comes up, then be stuck without them.

The things I like to keep together isn’t a huge list of things, but to me they’re important.

– Hotel reservation confirmation
– Tickets (or confirmations) for any events, shows, or attractions that needed to be purchased in advance
– Rental car agreement and confirmation
– Maps for both the drive to our destination as well as from the hotel to all the local landmarks we plan on going to
– Contact info for people back home (when we travel without our animals I always like to check in to make sure they’re doing ok, also we always shop for our nieces and nephews so if I need to double check on sizes for clothes an easy access phone list is good to have)

For international trips…

– Passports
– Flight itinerary and tickets
– Custom guidelines

Like I said, it isn’t a huge list but for all of my trips they’re very important and essential to in getting the best out of our trip.

Research! Research! Research! (Travel Part 3)

If you are traveling to a place you know, or have been too more than once, or if you are traveling to a place you do not know. Research is always a good thing to do before going on your vacation or trip.

I’ve gone to Toronto almost every summer my entire life, be it to visit family or to go to Fan Expo, and each year, that I have planned this trip in my adulthood I have done my research beforehand. Toronto is a city of ever changing, and it has happened more than once that I want to go to a certain store, or restaurant, that is no longer there, because I haven’t looked into it. From that I have learned my lesson, and take a rainy day before we go and plan out my meals, and shopping and sight seeing we want to do while we are there. These are some of the things I do, before I go on my trips.

Some tips and tricks:

  • Google the city you are going to, there are a ton of sightseeing websites, and tools for almost everywhere in the world.
  • Look up sights along the way, there isn’t just the destination that you can enjoy. (I.E the craft store in Port Hope, or the only Fifth Wheel on the way to Toronto)
  • Trip Advisor, Expedia, and all the other sites in between.
  • DO NOT rely on technology if you are going somewhere you do not know. Print off the maps, yes it might be a waste of paper, but believe me, not all roads that lead to your destination bring you home. Maps and paper are your friend even in this day and age.unnamed
  • But on the technology note, now a days you don’t have to bring 15 travel books with you, with apps and the internet you can take pretty much everything with you just on your phone or tablet.unnamed

You can save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration if you research where you are going first. And I’ll be honest with you, it makes waiting for the trip a little more fun.



On the road again….but where to go?

So like we told you before we have a lot of plans for small (and some not so small) trips this summer.  Planning a trip can be pretty easy, the hardest part is picking where you’re going to go.

Sarah’s Big Summer Adventure

As I mentioned before, I’m Broadway bound this year.  But to be honest, that wasn’t the first place we planned on going.  Our original plan was that we were going to be going down to Punta Cana to join our friend as she got married.  It was going to be a week long vacation right before our son’s 3rd birthday. That right there was the main reason why we changed our minds, we’ve never spent more than one night away from him so going away for a week right before his birthday was really hard for us to even consider. So the plans changed to  few days in Las Vegas. That was originally planned for the last week in July and we’d go to celebrate my birthday.  I had picked out the hotel I wanted to stay in, a bunch of the attractions I wanted to go to…then we looked up what the temperatures would be like that time of year, somewhere around 45 degrees celsius….no thank you! So originally we just planned to push the trip to the fall. But then we sat down and really thought about it, and the timing of other things we had planned for this year that could effect travel and I really didn’t want to fly or be so far away in case something went wrong. That’s where Broadway came in. It’s a short drive so we didn’t have to worry about flying. 3 days on Broadway will cost  just as much (if not maybe a bit  more) than 4 days in Las Vegas, but for me it’s completely worth it. We plan on seeing a Broadway show, and taking in the sights. It’s going to be amazing and I couldn’t be more excited. So pretty much moral of the story, you might pick one spot for your vacation…but trust me your plans will change.


Bonnie’s longest road trip ever!

So every other summer, the boyfriends brothers, and spouses plan a trip to New Brunswick to see their Dad’s side of the family whom we do not see very often. And due to other factors, money being the biggest, we drive, to Tetagouche; about 13 hours give or take of a drive.  This alone hinders plans, as we have to basically eliminate a day of travel each way. The last time we went down it was for 48 hours total for us, and a little over 24 hours for my boyfriends brother. Honestly, it can be a whirlwind of a trip, but so much fun.

The two major issues we have to consider with this trip:

  • Timing: the timing has to be perfect, we have to configure everyone’s schedules and work around vacations and such. It can be hard, when organizing six grown-ups and four children under the age of 5.
  • Money: The drive is expensive, especially with the price of gas these days, but it is still cheaper than flying, and shorter than taking the train. We can stay with family once we are there, but this year, we are also thinking about either renting a cottage, or getting a hotel room. We have imposed on family far too many times now, that we think we should get our “own” place this time.

We are still in the deciding phase of this trip, it is not that we don’t want to go, but it is such a long trip for such a short time. BUT MAN! I cannot wait to have a Danny Burger! One of the best burgers I have ever had in my life!