It’s Not What It Looks Like

When my son was born things were pretty easy, we all went out to do groceries or any kind of shopping. But now that may daughter is here, grocery shopping with both kids is next to impossible. So we’ve worked out a schedule where every Saturday night my darling daughter and I head out on our own and do groceries, while my hubby stays home with our son. You’re probably wondering why I don’t send the hubby and our son… Our son can ask for things and groceries tend to be more expensive when he’s around. So when little miss and I go out it gives the boys some one on one time, and I get out pretty much by myself for a bit.

My pregnancy this time around was quite different, it was still easy with no complications, but I put on more weight, and dealt with normal symptoms like morning sickness, bloating and swelling. I found my fingers swelled up, not enough to notice but enough that I couldn’t wear my wedding rings. So I had become accustomed to not wearing my rings. Then baby arrived, the swelling went away, but I was so used to not wearing my rings that I never put them back on. Apparently that was a mistake, because when I started doing groceries with just the baby the looks and (not so) whispered remarks that I received were unbelievable.

I do my groceries at Walmart because they’re close, cheap, and they price match. But that also brings with it a certain type of customer in some cases. Our local Walmarts seem to have about 3 different type of shoppers. 1) the people that think it’s ok to wear pajamas outside the house, 2) the penny pinchers who for some reason think they’re better than everyone else, 3) the normal people that go about their business and not give a crap about what’s going on around them.

The second type of shopper are the ones that I’ve come across the most. There’s been a few different occasions where I’ve been out shopping and end up shaking my head after encountering certain people.

The first incident I had was at the end of a quick shopping trip on the way home from a midwife appointment.  An  elderly gentleman apparently felt the need to stop me in the middle of the aisle while I was heading for the door and made sure that everyone around us could hear him. I don’t remember exactly what he said to me, because quite frankly after the way he got my attention I only paid enough attention to know when he stopped talking. But the main idea of what he said was that I was a disgrace. How dare I think that’s appropriate to raise a child on my own, and to do it as a teenager was even worse. I heard enough to just respond with a simple “Actually I’ve been married for a year and a half and I’m 26.” Then I just walked away.

The next incident was actually a humorous pleasant occasion. As I was in line waiting to pay for my groceries a middle aged man joined the line behind me. Of course this was the one time my little sweetie decided to throw a complete fit, so I pulled her out of her seat and continued to unload my groceries with one hand. This delightful man not only helped me unload my groceries so they could be rung in, but then told me how wonderful a job I was doing at being a mom and that it can’t be easy to be so young and to be doing it on my own. The best part… He then offered to pay for my groceries. I filled him in on how my hubby was at home with our son, I then thanked him for the kind words and the offer but I couldn’t let him buy my groceries.

The latest incident happened only just last week. The 4 of us went for a quick shopping trip to get the final things we needed for Easter weekend. We had paid and we’re heading to the car. I had both kids in the cart, and my hubby was making a quick stop at the lottery desk to get a ticket for that night’s draw. So I headed for the car to get the kids in and put the groceries in. My hubby was the one that noticed what happened. After walking past apparently a woman gave me a very dirty look, then turned and rolled her eyes and shook her head to her husband. My hubby said he couldn’t helped but laugh and think “Yeah she’s getting into a $45,000 van…she’s clearly a single mom to 2 kids.”

I can’t decide which is the worst part of any of those encounters was, the fact they all just assumed I was a single mother, the fact that only one was polite and offered assistance, or the fact that 2 of them seemed to think that being a single parent is so terrible.  No one wants to be a single parent, it’s not something someone strives for when they decide to have children. But if that happens to be their situation it’s for a reason that is frankly none of your damn business. So maybe take a page out of the delightful man in scenario 2’s book, be nice, tell them they’re doing a great job you never know they could be in the middle of a terrible day where the kids aren’t listening and nothing is going right. When it happened to me, my day was going just fine, but that didn’t mean I needed to hear those words any less.

So just because you think something is a certain way doesn’t mean it is, and if your one of those crazy judgmental people that constantly looks down at everyone else….. I suggest you just keep your mouth shut, because not everyone will be civil in return.  Believe me, if I was a single parent and had to deal with those situations, only one of the 3 people I encountered would leave with their dignity in place.


“Mommy sister’s sad!”

I had been struggling to figure out a topic for my first big post back after my daughter was born for a couple days, but after the past 24 hours and reading an article on Huffington Post it all got sorted out in my head.

The article I read was called “Mommy, Somebody Needs You“. The writer talks about what it was like when they brought their newborn daughter home, and any time she made a sound their older child would yell “Mommy somebody needs you”. She said it started out really cute then started to get annoying. While I read it I couldn’t help but laughed at how true it is. My son has been amazing since his sister was born, but every little noise she makes (especially the rare occasions when she starts crying) my son jumps to pointing out “Mommy sister’s sad”. It really started out cute, he didn’t want to see her sad and would get a bit upset himself when she was upset, which never helped the situation but I would drop everything and attend to their needs. After a couple weeks of hearing “Mommy sister’s sad” followed by some whining from my son it started to wear on me, he’d get a quick “Yes Clark I can hear her” the moment the words came out his mouth.

But just like the author of the article I came to realize how nice it was the hear those words, and know that the moment I would turn around and give my son a hug, and pick up my daughter that the fussing would stop and everything would be all better. It’s not going to be like that for much longer, my kids won’t admit that they need me even though I know they will. They won’t let me know when the other is sad, and a hug won’t necessarily make everything better right away.

So just like the author, I’m going to take it while I can. No matter how many times I hear that phrase come out of my sins mouth, I’ll still do the same thing every time, drop everything and give them a hug and a kiss.

As a parent you learn early that your kids will stop needing you, they just won’t admit it.

100 Books of 2015

I decided that 2015 I would challenge myself to read 100 books. Now years ago, this would not have been a problem, but since getting glasses reading books has become difficult and I fall asleep. So I have been listening to audiobooks, and am in love with the process. 


My fascination with audiobooks started with the Harry Potter books, there are two sets out there, one read by Jim Dale, and the other by Stephen Fry. I honestly prefer Jim Dale over Stephen Fry; Jim takes extra care to put a voice to his characters. And of all of them when he impersonates Snape, it made me fall in love with the character even more. But honestly, that is another story. 


I used to listen to Harry Potter, to fall asleep years ago. It helped me drift off, and I cannot remember having a better sleep when I was listening to these books. From this point forward I was addicted. I have listened to almost every kind of book imaginable that is out there. 


There are times when I will read the book first, and then listen to it, just to see what the difference is. And honestly there is a GIANT difference, when listening to a book, rather than reading it. It is more like you are there, and still get to make up the story in your head; rather than being transported into the vision of the directors and producers of a movie.


Now, I get to listen to a lot of these books while at work. A lot of people ask me how I can pay attention to the book and still do my work. And honestly, I just can. A lot of my job is repetition, and data entry, and if someone enters my office I pause the book immediately, not to be rude. It is just a habit I have gotten into, out of respect for my co-workers. 


So, what I intend to do with this list of 100 books (which is not currently at 100 yet, but is growing each day.) is reviewing each book or series I complete. At this point in time in 2015, I have already completed 3 new books, and 5 Old, and am in the middle of three. (Yes I can read three things at once, as long as they are not the same genera, I can happily switch between worlds.) You will find I am a giant fan of mystery, and fantasy, that range between young adult to adult. I am not a fan of the romance (harlequin) type books, but will pick one up here and there if the story intrigues me. 


Books I have read so far this year: 


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – Cinder, Scarlet and Cress, and Fairest is one of the books I am half way through at the moment. I went through both Cinder and Scarlet in a matter of two days, and Cress took me a little longer due to not having the time. I am taking my time with Fairest, because the last book in the series is not out until June, so I want to savor what I have left until then. 

If you are a fan of Fairy Tales, these are the books for you. They are a re-telling of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White, with an interconnecting world, and kingdom. Also it is set in the future with cyborgs, and robots, a life/world threatening disease, aliens, and space ships. I know it sounds a little odd, but honestly I couldn’t put these books down. I had over looked Cinder more than once, thinking that the primes was just too much for me. But when I gave it the chance it deserved, I was very pleasantly surprised. I find myself shipping for all the main characters of the books, and their meant to be loves. And am rooting for the characters to FINALY get together, I mean it is a fairy tale, there has to be a happy ending, right? I guess I will just have to wait until June.                                                          

Another book I am in the middle of is Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell: An original Mystery. Yes, I am a Veronica Mars fan, and yes I read the Rob Thomas written books. I am savoring this one as well, because I do not know if there will be another one. 

The third book, I am in the middle of, and basically just started today ( and finished the same day.)  is Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. And holy crap, I cannot put this book down. This is something new, (to me) this premise, and man is it ever fascinating. I am really enjoying the audiobook, because they change voices for the male and female protagonists of the story, and it makes it a lot more engaging. Much like Gone Girl by Gillian Glynn, having the two different voices in the audiobook, I believe engages the reader even more so than that of the book. If I had to give the book a rating after finishing it, I would actually put it as 10 out of 10. I cannot believe how engaging, and creative this book realty was. 


A series that I am currently the second book of is The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. The first book, I actually caught on Netflix as a movie. Called: Tomorrow when the War Began, a great movie, and when I found out that they were books I had to immediately go out and get them. 

The first book is much like Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption, practically word for word from the book to movie. There are a few differences, to tie off the end of the movie, as there are seven books, the ending cannot be exactly the same. 

I am enjoying the series, very much, and it is a nice change from the lovey dovey chick lit, or young adult. It is about war, and survival, when all things are lost. 

So with 3 months in I am 5 books down, I think I need to get a move on! I will update in a little while with how my progress is going on. I am hoping that I can have at least 50 done by June! 


Home Birth Essentials

Now that we’re in the middle of January that means I’m 37 weeks along in my pregnancy with my little girl.  Which means I’m now officially full term, and could go in to labour at any time.  Luckily I’ve been ready since 35 weeks and have just been waiting it out.  The house is ready, nursery is all set up, her clothes and blankets have all been washed, and I even have a little baby station set up in the living room.  Last week I gave you some tips on how to prepare the house and family for a new addition.  This week I’ll fill you in on how to prepare yourself for labour and delivery.

I’ve been lucky enough to have very easy pregnancies, and my labour and delivery with my son was pretty much flawless. The moment I popped him out my midwife looked at me and said, “Next time you’re doing all this at home right?” I said “Sure we’ll give it a try.” So now I’m following through on my promise to her.

I know not a lot of people choose this option. But I’m super excited for it and can’t wait to experience it.  Some of the things you need can also be transferred to a regular hospital birth and included in your hospital bag. I’ll give you a couple of lists for what you’ll need, some of which you need to get yourself if you opt for a home birth, and some of which are provided by your midwife.

Your midwife will provide you with a birth box, inside they included everything they’ll need to provide you and baby support during labour, delivery, and directly after birth. A few of these things you’ll need to pull out to put in your emergency hospital bag which I’ll discuss later.

On top of that there’s a few things you’ll need to gather and keep with the rest of the birth supplies.
– 4-6 pillows
– 2 medium glass or stainless steel bowls (one in case you become nauseated and one for afterbirth)
– 4-8 older wash cloths
– 6 large clean older towels (to wrap baby in after birth)
– 6 receiving blankets
– hot water bottle or heating pad
– a loose gown or something comfortable to wearing during labour and delivery
– 1 large Dutch oven or large stainless steel pot, or crock pot (to put hot water in for one compresses)
– hydrogen peroxide (helps remove blood stains)
– large pack of overnight (heavy flow) sanitary pads
– digital thermometer
– large roll of paper towel (kept in wrapper till needed)
– fresh supply of batteries for flashlights
– soft toilet paper for the next few weeks after birth
– 2 newborn sized hats
– pain relievers (Tylenol, Advil, or Gravol) to help you rest after labour

Needed for Baby
– diapers
– Vaseline (to keep the meconium stools from sticking to baby’s skin)
– variety of clothes (cleaned and ready)

Emergency Hospital Bag
In case something comes up and you need to transfer to a hospital it’s good to have a small bag prepared and easy to access, a few of these things the midwives will use so they can just work out of if.
– stretch panties (from birth box)
– squeeze bottle (from birth box)
– green pad (from birth box)
– herbal bath (from birth box)
– housecoat and comfy clothes for after birth (a night gown would be a great option in case of a c-section)
– slippers to wear in the halls
– nursing bra and nursing pads
– sanitary pads
– going home outfit for baby, including hat and scratch mittens (if you end up being stuck in the hospital longer than expected someone can bring you more items)
– a few diapers, hospitals generally give you a small pack while you are there so you won’t need many
– Vaseline

A lot of the things you need are already lying around the house, and the few things that aren’t you can easily find at the dollar store.

Another thing needed for people having baby #2 (or with pets) is a baby sitter. Someone to look after the older sibling, to keep them occupied while you’re in labour, or take them away if things get really intense and you don’t want them around, or to stay with them if you need to be moved to the hospital. My in-laws are being notified the moment I go in to labour so they can come take care of Clark (especially if it’s in the middle of the day), if it’s at night and he’s sleeping through everything we might hold off till the second midwife gets called just before delivery that way if he wakes up from any possible noises I might end up making they can sit with him in another room till its time to introduce him to his little sister.

I know home birth sounds scary, but (from what I’ve been told by experienced home birthers) it’s very relaxing and less stressful (fewer worries of needing medical interventions). Being in your own surroundings will keep you at ease, play music that makes you happy or keeps you calm.

To anyone thinking about having a home birth I promise to post later about how my experience went and my thoughts on the whole process. Anyone already planning a home birth and stuck on what you need to have ready…I hope this helped.

For the next few weeks I will be away from the page, Bonnie will continue to post, and once my little girl arrives I’m sure there will be an announcement. I’ll return a couple weeks after she’s born once I’ve settled in to the life of being a mother of two.

Enjoy the next few weeks of the new year! Can’t wait to share the news of baby girls arrival with all of you!

Preparing For Baby

So I’m having another baby…. does it sound like I’m terrified? No… well I am.  It’s not that I’m not happy or excited, because I’m over the moon.  A couple weeks before my son was born I felt absolutely ready, that I was unstoppable and I just wanted him to be here. Then a week before he was born I had some concerns because my Braxton Hicks contractions became really intense and I was unable to feel my usually extremely active little boy.  So when I was in the hospital and got sick and my midwife said I might be in labour, I started to panic. As ready as I thought I was, I wasn’t. I don’t think it’s possible to really be fully prepared before the baby arrives.

That being said, there’s still a lot of things you can do to make it a little easier once they do make their grand arrival.

Preparing the Home

Get the baby’s room ready. This part can be the most fun, picking a theme and decorating your child’s future bedroom. The big staple pieces can really make a difference in the look and feel of the nursery, so even though everything baby related is crazy over priced, remember you have 9 months to save up and buy good quality items. On top of the nursery I also put together a little baby station in the corner of the living room. I have the playpen set up with the bassinet attachment and organizer hanging on the side. This will be used for day time naps and diaper changes so that I don’t have to constantly leave the room and leave Clark by himself, then he can be included more. In the organizer I put a bunch of diapers, wipes, diaper change essentials (Vaseline, baby powder, lotions), receiving blankets, and sleepers.

Baby proof. This won’t be a huge issue until baby is mobile, but it doesn’t hurt to get those outlets covered ahead of time so you don’t have to rush around once baby is on the move and more curious.
Keep the house warm. This more applies for winter babies. Babies are accustomed to a certain way of living being tucked in all nice and warm in mommy, so coming out to a cool house can be a shock. Yes they spend a lot of time in warm jammies, but for those naked times like bath time and diaper changes. For some it’s just simply bumping up the thermostat some, but for others (like me) we have to make sure our oil tank is full so we don’t run out in the middle of winter and get stuck in the cold.
Laundry! Give baby’s clothes a nice run through the wash as close to due date as you can. Going through, organizing and folding little ones clothes will keep you busy for a bit, and seeing it all will really help it hit home that you’re about to become a parent. This usually gets lumped in with the nesting feeling moms-to-be get within a week or two of baby showing up. Also, put on a big load of moms clothes, the less she has to worry about (like running out of shirts, pants, or worse, underwear) the better. She has enough on her mind.
Pre-cook! Just like getting moms clothes nice and clean, think about preparing some meals ahead of time. There are plenty of things that you can prepare, even cook, and then freeze to save for later. A few things that I plan on making are a couple pasta dishes, stew, even a meatloaf. All of those can be put together, frozen, and just have to be thrown in the oven, or even better the crock pot, and you’ve got a meal all done with no preparation that day, which also means less dishes!

Preparing siblings

This part can be a bit more difficult and time consuming, and can completely get thrown out the window once baby arrives, but at least working on it might help avoid some jealousy once the younger sibling arrives. I have a few things that I’m trying with Clark, and also have been given some advice from friends that I’ll share as well.
– Bring them to appointments. My son has come to pretty much every baby appointment we’ve had. His favourite part is when we listen to the heart beat, he’ll climb up on the bed beside me and cuddle up to me, then lifts his shirt and wants it done to him.
Let them help decorate. When it comes to the baby’s room let them help set up, obviously not putting furniture together or stuff like that. But decorate. I’m going to get Clark to colour or paint a picture specifically for his little sister, he’s also picked out a special stuffy that will sit in her crib till she arrives and he can give it to her.
Pick out some clothes. I took Clark out Christmas shopping for his new baby cousin. While we were looking through the baby girl clothes for her, he picked out a nice warm sleeper and said “For sister?” So of course we bought it. That sleeper that he picked out will be the first piece of clothing she will wear, which will help connect them a bit since he picked it out himself just for her.
Buy a baby. My friend bought her son a baby doll, and told him that it was his baby, and showed him how to swaddle the baby, and take care of it. He took that baby EVERY where and looked after it so well. Changed diapers, fed the baby, everything. So when his sister arrived he was so ready. When mommy needed a diaper he ran off to get it. He was a huge help, and absolutely adores his little sister.
– Include them in pictures. This one is optional. For us since we were so excited about being pregnant the first time around we blabbed the news as soon as we found out. So this time we decided we’d have some fun with it. Our families didn’t find out until I was about 11 weeks pregnant, and the way we announced it was we had a special photo session and included some props to announce baby. So when we told my in-laws we gave them a picture of Clark holding a sign that I made up that said “Every superhero deserves a side kick. Arriving February 2015.” Once my mother-in-law realized what it meant she instantly started bawling, it was fantastic reaction. This time around we also did maternity pictures with lots of shots of Clark giving my tummy hugs and kisses, adorable! And once she arrives we’ll be getting newborn pictures done, and I have a few pictures ideas for him with his new sister.

Preparing your pets

This one is really hard. All I know is I did it a little wrong when I was pregnant with Clark. The last month of my pregnancy I did a lot of cuddling with my dog, he would lay in bed with me, sit on the couch with me, he was attached to me and I loved it, he loved it. I felt like it was the right thing to do, give him a bunch of extra attention before my attention would be taken else where. It didn’t work so well. Not like our dog did anything to Clark when he was a baby, he LOVES Clark more than anything. If Clark started crying for whatever reason Thor would start circling or be right up on me trying to give him kisses to make him feel better. During diaper changes Thor would put his front paws on the edge of the change table and stand beside me watching ever move I made. Bath time, Thor would lay on the floor beside the tub, you know after he tried to jump in with Clark. There was never a problem between Clark and Thor, it became a problem between Thor and me. He was mad because he had become so accustomed to the one on one attention he was getting from me, so when that went away he let me know how mad he was by chewing on my shoes. Honestly, he would go out of his way to find a spare pair of my shoes and chew off the heels, then just look at me when I found them with a “yeah well that’s what you get” look on his face. For the first few months I co-slept with Clark so Thor was not allowed on the bed at night, so once we switched Clark to his crib and Thor was back up on the bed, he stopped chewing on my stuff.
Now I’m not saying neglect your pets before baby comes, but I’m saying to go out of the way to give them extra attention and try to over compensate for the time you’ll miss with them.
If you have a hospital birth and stay for a night, or a few nights, however long, one thing you can do once baby does arrive. Send one of the blankets baby was wrapped up in for the day home and let your animals get used to the smell of their new sibling.

While going through these things, getting everyone else and everything else ready for baby, you’ll start to feel more comfortable and confident as the big day arrives. But like I said, you’ll never be 100% ready. My son is almost 3 and a half and I can honestly say I’m still not ready for him. You can’t prepare yourself for when you kids hit the milestones. Every single one will hit you like a ton of bricks and you won’t know what to do with yourself.

My last piece of advice is simple. Moms-to-be listen to your body. The day before I went in to labour I was exhausted. I ended up sleeping most of the day, I had tried my hardest to get up and do things, but I would usually just stop after 20 minutes and go back to bed. At the time I had no idea my body was just stocking up on sleep and preparing me for what I was going to go through the next day. So sleep when you’re tired, and if something feels off, don’t be shy, call your doctor, or go to the ER if you’re really worried. Growing a person is a very complicated thing to do. The last couple weeks before Clark was born I swear I paged a midwife every other day over small things because I was so confused by what I was going through, I didn’t know if it was bad, normal, or a sign for something bigger.

If anyone reading this is going through what I’m going through, then all the best to you, you’ll be amazing. Be confident, even when you think you can’t do it anymore, you can. Trust me, the last thing I said before the final push when Clark was born was “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” Then I was told to give one last push, and he was here. It was amazing, and I can’t wait to do it again.

December Catch Up

Sarah’s December!

So December is a pretty crazy, hectic month for everyone, and it’s certainly no different in my house. Let’s see if I can remember what exactly happened.

The first week of December was the second week my hubby was on his new 8-hour shift at work (which we seriously hate). We ended that week celebrating our nephew’s 6th birthday.

The second week my hubby was forced to take a week of holidays by his work (he had to take his final week of holidays before December 31, it’s a company rule, but we were really hoping they’d let him save it for the end of January for when we’re expecting our daughter to arrive). Since the last week of holidays didn’t work out at all, I was determined to be productive this time. I got all the painting done in the baby’s nursery and got everything all set up so the room is fully functioning which is awesome. We also went and visited my sister-in-law and her fiance in Peterborough at their new apartment on the Tuesday. Over the rest of the days we got the rest of our Christmas shopping done. We even managed to have a nice relaxing day at home on the Wednesday.

The third week hubby was back to work. Clark and I did a bunch of relaxing. On the Thursday we went out and met my sister-in-law to get her dog and cat from her. We were looking after them while she and her fiance went out to Goose Bay, Newfoundland to see his family for Christmas.  Adding an extra dog and cat to the house made for some interesting days, but they were all super fun.

The fourth week started with an awesome trip to Kingston for my annual family Christmas gathering with my dad’s side of the family.  It’s one of the best days because I don’t get to see them all that often, and I feel super lucky to have them in my life.  They were excited to see me at this stage in my pregnancy, it’s a rare occasion that I have a big belly on me, so they were all enjoying poking fun at me, in the most loving way possible. The week continued on with the hubby having to work a couple days. Then Christmas Eve came, and off we went to my in-laws house. My father-in-law had asked us if we would spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them, we didn’t have plans so we said of course. Clark was over the moon to have a sleep over at his Peepaw’s house, and was even more excited Christmas morning when he saw that Santa had come.  The rest of the week we just relaxed and got some more organizing done, put the clothes I had in bins for baby girl in to her armoire.

On Sunday we were back at my in-laws, it was my hubby’s grandmother’s birthday, and it was the first one without her husband (who had passed away on Valentine’s Day) so we went over to just be with her and keep her mind of things. She had loved having Clark around for Christmas so it made easier on her to go through it without her husband. Now the hubby is back to work yesterday and today, but off for the rest of the week. We don’t do anything fun for New Year’s Eve, depending on how the weather is over the next couple days we might make a trip down to Toronto to visit my brother-in-law who wasn’t able to make it down for Christmas this year.

That’s about all that’s happened, on top of appointments with my midwives. So a pretty hectic month, but a lot of fun. January is going to be an even busier and much more exciting month for us. Every week we’ll be heading in to the midwives office for appointments, counting down the days to when Clark’s little sister chooses to make her grand arrival.  Needless to say I’ll be taking some time off from writing in the weeks leading to her birth as well as a couple after she arrives.  But I promise there will be an announcement once she does arrive.

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. See you in the new year!

Bonnie’s December

December started off with a bang, while the boyfriend went to New Brunswick to be with family, I was on my first ever business trip.

I have to say, it was an interesting experience. and one I will do again, but I just don’t know if it ever will. It was a really nice change of pace, and I have to say, being able to put the faces to the names, and voices that we hear over the phone and email was the most fascinating and the best part.

The second week, we finished up all the shopping and prepping for Christmas, that we couldn’t get done the last week of November. I think we spent 10 hours out and about, but we got everything finished, and didn’t have to go back out again!

The third week, I had my final exam in HRM in Canada, and I think I did well, but I wont know until the first official week of in January. After my exam, my brother came home for a few days, and we had our annual Christmas party. We did something unusual, for my annual party, and asked for just appetizers for the pot-luck.  I couldn’t do a whole meal like I usually do, it has just gotten to be too much, and when I knew I had to throw the party on a Friday due to my brother’s schedule there was no way, even if it was a small portion let alone a large portion.

The Sunday before Christmas, was my God Son’s second birthday, and we went home to celebrate it with my brother in law and sister in law. They did a wonderful job with the party, and we got some family time in before the party, which I always appreciate.

Christmas was hectic as usual, but we uncomplicated things, by getting a hotel room for Christmas Eve. We had 5 places to be in the course of 2 days, and we made all the parties, and events. We ended the night by going to my in laws like every year, having a nice relaxing Christmas night in front of the wood fire.

We had one more event, a family engagement party, on the last Saturday, we went to Montreal, and enjoyed some family that we would not normally see this time of year. We had a wonderful time, and finally got to relax on the Sunday.

New Year’s eve, we are going to the BFF’s for a low key NYE, I think were either going to cook one heck of a fancy meal, or were going to order in… I am not too sure what just yet.

Otherwise, 2015 is just around the corner, hard to believe, but who knows what it is going to bring. From our families to yours, have a safe and Happy New Year.



November Catch Up!

Sarah’s November!
November started interesting for us, then settled down after a couple weeks.
The first week my hubby was on holidays (which I wrote about earlier) we didn’t really do much throughout the week, but the weekend before he went back to work was super productive.
Then things went back to normal. Hubby went back to work, It went back to just me, Clark, and my niece throughout the day during the week. That week my sister-in-law also found a new babysitter that would take over watching my niece in the new year. So the week after she spent a couple days with the new sitter.
On November 18th my sister had her new baby girl, and I became an auntie of 5. That same day I had my own baby appointment with my midwife, found out my little girl is growing like a weed already, we’re getting so much closer to her due date (now just 2 months away) so my appointments become a bit more frequent, and we start preparing ourselves and our house for her big arrival.
Our last bit of excitement for the month came on November 25 when we went in for some family/maternity pictures. SO MUCH FUN! Clark was a rockstar, he was super silly but we managed to get lots of great shots. Can’t wait for the disc to be ready so we can see them and share them with everyone else.
We’re currently adjusting to my hubby’s second week on a new shift at work, he used to work 10 hour days and would get every Friday off, but now he’s back to 8 hour days without Friday off. However, he is being forced to take a week of holidays next week, so we’ll be able to. Get the last of our Christmas shopping all done and maybe go visit with my sister-in-law and her fiancé in the new apartment before they head out to Newfoundland for Christmas.

Bonnie’s November!
November started off uneventful for us, but ended bitter-sweet. At work I am gearing up for the busy season and year end. We usually have a lot of events to plan, and things to do. So big surprise I am making a lot of lists and organizing as much as I can to be able to work efficiently within the Christmas season.
We decorated early, as things at the beginning of December were going to be hectic for us. So we got our house made up the last week.
We went down to our home town the second week of November and had a couple of great visits with family. It was my mother in laws birthday and and we decided to do something different. My sister in law and I made dinner for them instead of my mother in law. I made shepards pie, and my sister in law made the salad and dessert. That night we also got to figure out who was buying what for relatives and what not for Christmas, it worked out really well.
But November ended on a sad note for us, with the passing of the patriarch (grandfather) of my boyfriends dad’s family. I was lucky enough to have him in my life and he will be missed greatly.

On that note, Peter and I have no children, but we enjoy the elf on the shelf tradition just as much as anyone else. We hide her on each other, and take pictures for a Christmas album I make every year. This was the first hiding Pete did. And I am sure I will have a few more to show you in our year end wrap up! For now! Have a wonderful December!