Happy Halloween!

‘Tis the season to be spooky. One of the best seasons, if not the best if we do say so ourselves.

There’s so many different ways to celebrate because little kids, and even more so not so little kids get to have some fun!

So I’m (Sarah) going to focus more on what you can do with the younger kids.
– picking out their costumes! This is when kids can get really creative with what they want to wear and I personally love seeing all the this hey can come up with.
– bake some Halloween cookies, they even have Halloween ginger bread kits out there these days too.
– carve a jack-o-lantern! One of the best traditions, kids love scooping out all the pumpkin guts, picking out a silly face, and lighting it at night.
– for older kids (like pre-teens) having a little party before trick or treating could be fun, with Halloween themed foods, maybe a some bobbing for apples
– then comes the best part of Halloween, trick or treating. Everyone loves it. This is going to be the first year we take our son out (as long as the rain holds off). He’s so excited and has been practicing his “Trick or Treat!” For the past month.
– sorting your candy, this is just as exciting as the trick or treating is. They don’t generally pay attention to what goes in their bags, so getting to see exactly how much and how great the “score” was can make the night. And let’s face it, it’s the one night kids get to eat candy before bed.

Keep an eye out for all the kids! They may look like superheroes (like these two cuties below) but they certainly aren’t indestructible.

For tips for how the “big kids” can celebrate keep scrolling to find some ideas from Bonnie!
This is Halloween This is Halloween!!! MUAHAHAH

So, as you all know, I do not have any kids, but Halloween!!! Is my all time favorite non-holiday. If I could have taken it off this year I would have.

So, even without kids you can have a ton of fun.

PARTY! Have a dress up party, act like a kid again. Enjoy the night! This year, the boy and I are dressing up as cartoon Lydia and Beatlejuice! I cannot wait!

Decorate! OMG, the little kids that come to the door are so much more happier when you are into it as much as they are! My boy and I usually sit outside with hot chocolate, and give candy out. We decorate our front step, and just enjoy the night. This year it’s going to be a little different as we have the a fore mentioned party to go to!

If you are planning on staying in, have a horror marathon!!! This is one of my all time favourite things to do.

Need some ideas?

Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead (all of these must be the originals)

Now, I have one remake that I LOVE! Dawn of the Dead. If you like Zombie movies, this one is AWESOME!

And one last thing, to enjoy Halloween as an adult…..BUY THE CANDY YOU WANT!! Indulge on this night, and enjoy it!

Hope everyone has a safe and awesome Halloween no matter how you choose to celebrate! And don’t worry I’m sure there will be lots of superheroes (and even more ice queens) roaming around to keep you safe!




Thanksgiving… It’s just around the corner

Bonnie’s Thanksgiving Plans

This past weekend marked an official month until Canadian thanksgiving. And this means I am excited. I have to say I think this is my favourite fall holiday and time of year. (I hate the Winter.)

Where I live it’s already gotten cooler, so fall is in the air, making me think about thanksgiving a lot earlier than I normally would.
This year unlike most, my boyfriend and I are hosting a friends-giving. We normally travel to his side of the family’s annual dinner, but as circumstances have it this year we cannot. I have not been this excited to throw a dinner party in a long time. The weekend is shaping up to be a good one as well. While the boys attend a concert on the Saturday, the girls are having a girls night, hosted by my BFF. Sunday were going to have an early dinner I am making Turkey, stuffing and the potatoes and lord knows what else. Everyone who is invited is to bring a side or can appetizer. And the Monday the official holiday were going to have a Movie Afternoon and a bunch of us are going to watch “Thankskilling 1 and 3. The movie so good it didn’t need a second movie.. ..” Think Jim Henson and killer turkeys.

So now the official planning begins on what to make and do, as well as decorate. I want to make my house a fall wonderland, therefore Pintrest has become my best friend as of late for recipes and decoration ideas.

This year I want to do something different as well, I want to make invitations to go along with the dinner….as something different, and a little more formal.

So as I move along with this planning process, I will post some ideas, and recipes that I am going to try out before the big day!


Sarah’s Thanksgiving Plans

Our Thanksgiving is pretty low key. The whole family gets together (generally at my brother-in-laws place because they have the most room) for a big dinner. My brother-in-law takes care of the turkey and a ham, and it’s everyone else’s responsibility to cover the sides and dessert.  I usually make a potato dish, some sort of appetizer dip, and a dessert.  At this point there’s usually about 21 people there (this includes my brother-in-law’s in-laws), so there’s always a ton of food.

The other thing that happens, at least over the past few years, is that my mother-in-law buys each of the siblings their own little turkeys.  So a couple weeks after Thanksgiving we have some friends over for dinner and have another big turkey dinner.  Which is definitely nice, lots of left overs means work dinners are covered for a couple days.

We’ll have a few things going on this year, shortly after Thanksgiving (once November hits) it will be our one year wedding anniversary (and 5 year anniversary), the hubby will be taking a couple weeks of holidays to get some hunting time in, then a couple weeks after that we’ll be making the trip to Ottawa to meet our new niece once she arrives.

FanExpo 2014

Over the long weekend, my Boyfriend and I, and one of my best friend traveled to Toronto, Ontario to go to FanExpo 2014.

While I think this is going to be our last year for a few years, we had fun, and I got to meet some of the most prominent men in television today. Here are some pictures of our trip, and the fun that we had.



So our first stop was to meet the famous Matt Smith, who played the 11th Doctor in Dr. Who. This was more for my friend than it was me, but it was nice to hear his dreamy British accent in person.


Next up was the HOTTEST MAN ON TV, if you ask both Sarah and I. He is JUST as pretty in person, as he is on TV’s Arrow, Mr. Stephen Amell. One of the nicest people I have ever met! He wanted to talk to all of his fans. I told him how much Sarah had wanted to be there for his autograph, but couldn’t, and he told me to tell her thank you for being a fan, and send her my love. Such a nice man, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a star.

That night we met up with my brother who was in Toronto on training, we went to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.


It was really cool, but I honestly, don’t think it was worth the $25.00 price tag. We got a $5.00 discount for going after 7pm, but I found it rather expensive for what was there. This little guy above, was the kicker for me, and I enjoyed him very much. He followed my finger, and would come up against the glass flat when I walked away. I came back to him a couple of times, and he swam right back up to me, and if you look closely in this picture, I swear he is smiling!

The aquarium is right behind the CN Tower, so I got this awesome shot when we were leaving.


On Saturday, I got to meet Norman Reedus


That was fun, as I had been attempting to get his autograph for more than 4 years now. It was close to impossible, but this year, we stuck it out, and had a nice little chat. He gave us a spoiler for those who love The Walking Dead I quote “We eat Glen and Maggie while in the shipping container.” He then gave us a coy smile and told us to stay cool!

Saturday was a wash, I hate going on Saturday’s as it is just a mad house, I didn’t do much, and just walked around the merch room.

Sunday, I got to meet Ray Wise, and got his autograph, he signed the picture: To Bonnie, Leland loves you. Which I loved, if anyone is a fan of his show Twin Peaks, you will understand.

I also was able to go to the Bitten panel on Sunday, for the second year in a row. The cast was amazing, and this will be one of the things that I miss, not going next year.


So, that was my weekend, in a nutshell, with a bunch more pictures, and shopping in between. I leave you with a picture of the Bat-mobile, and a Lego Rocket and Groot.



Ottawa, Ontario to Beresford, New Brunswick

Over the August long weekend my boyfriend and I, as well as his brother, wife and three children, as well as my mother in law took it upon ourselves to go visit family in New Brunswick. We decided to drive, as flying was economically a bad idea with the size of our group.

So the boy and I would drive from Ottawa to Cornwall, Ontario and meet up with the others in our party, and from there drive to Edmonston, New Brunswick; our first stop.

Day 1This was the view from our hotel.

We got in at about 1am, and left again around 10am, drove the next 4 hours to get to Bathurst where our next next hotel was. It was a Best Western, and let me tell you it was a phenomenal hotel. It being brand new it was nice to stay in a room that had never been stayed in before. The beds and pillows were AMAZING.

Later that day we were invited to the family cottage for dinner with everyone. The cottage is in Beresford, New Brunswick

Right on the beach, and a little piece of heaven if you ask me!

the cottage

This is the front of the cottage!


Day 2

This is the back!

For the next few days, we relaxed at the beach, and had fun in the sun and sand. On Sunday we went to visit my boyfriend’s Aunt and Uncle’s house so the kids could go pick raspberries, and so my mother in law could see their beautiful garden. Which, I did not get a picture of, but let me tell you, it was amazing! I wish I had a green thumb instead of a black one, when it comes to gardening.

The Monday was New Brunswick Day, a holiday in the province, and Saturday night, while we had a bonfire on the beach, we got to enjoy the other cottages setting off Chinese Lanterns, and fireworks. I love bonfires, but I have to say having one on a beach was always an experience I wanted to have. Being able to enjoy the ocean air, and a fire all at once was an amazing. Too bad the mosquito’s wanted to join the party too! Family

The boys fishing, picking raspberries, and just enjoying the sun.

We’ve decided next year, that a 4 day trip is not ideal, and we will most likely stay a week. (7 days) We are going to look into renting a cottage on the beach, which makes me extremely excited for next summer.

So, that was our New Brunswick adventure for 2014, and I leave you with pictures of the beautiful sunset, that I was able to catch on the Saturday night, before the bonfire on the beach.

Day 3

I hope everyone else is enjoying their vacations in the summer of 2014.


Sarah’s Niagara Falls Adventure

So for the long weekend the family and I (and my in-laws) went to Niagara Falls.  It was fantastic!  When we first got there we just relaxed, we took the walk down to Clifton Hill just to see what we wanted to do over the following few days.  When we got there my son was instantly attracted to the Great Canadian Midway with the bright lights and sounds.  We ended up spending 2 hours there without even realizing that much time had gone by.


Day Two was when we really got in to the sightseeing. We purchased the Fun Pass which gives you access to 5 different attractions for one low price ($25 for adults, and my son was free because he’s under 3).  We spent even more time in the Midway because it was too fun not to, our son loved it and even us adults had a blast trying to win tickets so we could get Clark an awesome prize.  After the Midway we went to the Movieland Wax Museum (which was included in the Fun Pass). It was really neat to see all the different exhibits.  I personally found that there was only maybe a handful that actually looked like the people, but they were all still really neat. Best part of it, my husband didn’t realize there were alarms on all the pieces, so when he asked me to take a picture of him punching Iron Man and he reached across the barrier he set off the alarm, luckily I already had my camera ready so I got his reaction, it was priceless.


After the wax museum my mother-in-law and I went up on the SkyWheel. That was an amazing experience we saw everything. The next time we do the trip I plan on doing that ride at night to see the falls all lite up.


Then it was off to Dinosaur Adventure Golf! We thought our son would love it, because he loves dinosaurs.  For some reason we were wrong. They had “dinosaur” sounds playing over speakers and that seemed to really scare him.  It also didn’t help that we had to wait at least 10 minutes at each hole because it was so busy.  Needless to say….we skipped half the course and left.  All the dinosaur statues were really cool and the volcano was amazing. But it was  just too busy and loud for my son’s liking.  It also didn’t help that he wasn’t feeling 100% that day either.

Day Three we walked a different route down to the falls, which got us closer to them.  It wasn’t the greatest of days weather wise, it had rained the night before and was still really overcast.  We were able to get right close to them, to the point where as we were walking to the big gift shop we got pretty much soaked by the mist rising up.  I didn’t mind it, but everyone else seemed annoyed by it.


After that we hopped on the bus (the WeGo system is actually pretty neat it’s $7 for 24 hour pass and there’s 5 different route that get you around to all the different attractions) back up to Clifton Hill, we had one last round in the Midway and cashed in our over 3500 tickets and got Clark some really cool prizes.  After that it was lunch time. We tried to go to the Rainforest Cafe, thinking once again my son would love it.  He loved waiting in the gift shop and looking in the big fish tank.  However as we were being seated they had one of their simulated thunder storms, where the lights flash, and there’s thunder and the animals all come to life.  It was really cool, but it terrified my son. He actually grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the door asking to leave because it was too scary.  Which in the end, was a good thing because of how ridiculously over priced the food is there.


After that we headed to Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Now that one was amazing. They all looked a lot like the people they were portraying, and even better you were able to get close to them, pose and take pictures with them.  So of course we had to get lots of goofy pictures with all of them.  My favourite part was when we came across the Secretariat figure, my son is addicted to horses, and he was genuinely upset that the horse wasn’t real. He was petting it and kept asking if he could go for a ride.


After a few hours back at the hotel getting some rest in (and my son having a nap) we headed back out at night to watch the fireworks over the falls.  They were fantastic, and a great way to end our vacation.

Overall it was an amazing trip and we can’t wait to go back.  My husband and I would definitely like to do a short weekend there by ourselves so we can do some of the attractions that you can’t really take kids to, like the Journey Behind The FallsHornblower Niagara Cruises.  Either way we’re beyond excited to go back.



Summer’s Here & School is Out

So school is coming to an end for the year. Now before the kids start bugging you every day saying they’re bored, here’s a list of a few things that you can do with them to keep them occupied, and happy.

Outdoor Fun!

– Day camps! A lot of community centers offer day or even week long camps for a pretty low cost.

– Go to the beach! One of my favourites, pack up a lunch, coat yourself in sunscreen, bring a beach ball, a Frisbee, whatever you want and spend the day at the beach.

– Picnic in the park! Pretty much the same thing as going to be the beach, just with much less sand.

– Museum day! Just because they’re on summer break doesn’t mean the learning has to stop, go out and check out some of the local museums.

– Try a new sport! When I was younger my dad took me out to try lawn bowling (I know, who even plays it) but it wasn’t too bad. All it takes it trying something once, and who knows  maybe your kids will find a new hobby.

– If you have access to a projector, set up a movie theater in your backyard. All you need is a white sheet hung up on a fence or in between two trees and watch some Disney Movies or Harry Potter at dusk with the whole family in your very own backyard.

– Bubble fight! My son, nieces and nephew are all addicted to bubbles. If they had things there way and an unlimited supply of bubble soap we’d spend all day every day outside. So grab some bubble guns and have some fun. Heck, hope in to your bathing suits and run around with some water guns, a great way to have fun and stay cool.

Rainy Days at Home!

-If you have one of your old favorite books that you had as a child, hand it off to yours. One of my all time favorite memories was my mother handing me a copy of Little Women one rainy day my summer between grade 6 and 7.

– Look up on YouTube on how to to make a mini album, and give your kids some pictures of their school year, their friends, and family members, and have them make a lovely album for them to look back on.

– Camping indoors! I loved this as a kid, there are tons of ways for you to make pillow and blanket forts just inside your living room.

Travel, Vacations, and Following the Yellow Brick Road

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is planning their summer trips away, be it a road trip, a weekend or week at the cottage, even your honeymoon. Everyone can use some tips and tricks when planning.

Both Sarah and I are planning some trips this summer. Sarah’s trips are a bit bigger than mine, in the fact that she is planning a large longer trip. But I have a bunch of weekend getaways to plan, and a weekend at the cottage too. So, we wanted to get on track with what it is that we wanted to organize.

Bonnie’s Trips

Cottage weekend: were going with a bunch of people to the cottage this summer, and when I say Cottage, I mean my in law’s; organizing a large group of people when going on a trip, can be tedious on top of all the other things that you have to plan.

Fan Expo Weekend: Both Sarah and I are planning on meeting up in Toronto this summer for Fan Expo Toronto. I am going to the convention a bit longer than Sarah, but planning a trip to a big city is always an adventure, when planning out your meals, and extra activities that you want to do.

Possible New Brunswick Trip: The boyfriend and I try to make it out to New Brunswick every other summer to see his side of the family each year. As it is a 11 hour drive, it takes quite a bit of planning to do. As this isn’t 100% verified that we are going this year, and in the works, I will take you through our decision process on going or not.

Our anniversary trip: It’s my boyfriend’s and my 8 year anniversary in June, and we want to have weekend trip to celebrate…. But where we are going to go is up in the air.

Sarah’s Trips

Cottage Weekend: My brother-in-law has a beautiful cottage right on Lake Simcoe. Last year we went for a couple of days and it certainly wasn’t a long enough visit, so this year we plan on picking a long weekend to. The 4 cousins love being together, and we love being able to just relax and spend time on the water.

Fan Expo Weekend: We’re only planning on doing the convention for one day, but that won’t stop us from spending the entire weekend in Toronto. We’re going to take Clark to do all the sightseeing we can, the zoo, the new aquarium, maybe take him to his first Blue Jays game, and do a bunch of shopping.

Honeymoon: We weren’t able to afford a honeymoon right after the wedding so we’re taking it this year. It’s going to be tough because neither of us really want to be away from Clark but since we have certain plans for this year it might be our only chance to get away just the two of us. Our plan….Broadway! It’s a dream trip that I can’t wait for. I love Broadway almost as much as I love my family. We’ll do all the sightseeing around town, a bit of shopping, but most importantly for me…we’ll be seeing Les Misèrables. This trip is not coming soon enough.

Anniversary Trip: It’s our 1st wedding anniversary this year (as well as our 5 year anniversary). We’ll be taking a small trip to Toronto. The tour of Wicked makes it stop in Toronto this fall from September to November.  Closing night happens to land on our anniversary so we’ll be going to see the very final show (it’s a bucket list point for me to see a closing performance). I’ve seen the show before, but I can’t wait to see it again, and for the hubby to see it for the first time.

Weekend Trips: We’ll more than likely be making one or two trips back to Ottawa to visit with friends and family over the summer as well. One will be coming up shortly hopefully, once my friends little girl decides to make her grand entrance to the world we’ll be going down to meet her.

The hubby gets 4 weeks of holidays from work this year and we plan on putting every single one of them to good use. With having to plan 2 weddings over the past 2 years we never got much time to hang out as a family, our holidays got wasted on other things. But this year we vowed to make this summer count.