Recipe Alert! 7Up Grilled Chicken

On the weekend Bonnie and I were lucky enough to find some time and have agree day at the same time. So Bonnie and her hubby came down to see us and meet her darling God-daughter.

We worked out he timing so they’d be down around lunch time and I had everything ready by the time they got here.  We decided to go with a nice light lunch of grilled chicken and pasta salad. We always like to try new recipes with each ther so off to Pinterest I ran! This was what caught my eye and intrigued me.

7Up Grilled Chicken

2 cups 7Up
1 cup Soy Sauce
1 cup Oil
2 tsp garlic powder
4-6 chicken breast


1. Mix the 7Up, soy sauce, oil and garlic powder to make the marinade.

2. Place chicken breast in a deep dish (like a casserole dish). The dish should be deep enough that the chicken will be almost all (if not all) submerged in the marinade.

3. Pour marinade over chicken breast. Place in fridge and let sit for at least 10 hours.


I made it at about 9pm Friday night and it hit the grill at 12:45pm Saturday afternoon.


The blog that I found the recipe on said that this as a strictly outdoor grill recipe only, when she tried it inside but as the marinade dripped on to the pan (she used a grill pan) it ended up smoking up her house like crazy.

When I mentioned to Bonnie what I was making, we both seemed to have the same reaction “could be interesting…” Well much to our surprise, it was delicious. I got pretty lucky.

Like I said I paired it with a pasta salad but it could go with anything really, potatoes, veggies, it’d be great on a bun as a sandwich.  If you give it a try I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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