100 Books of 2015

I decided that 2015 I would challenge myself to read 100 books. Now years ago, this would not have been a problem, but since getting glasses reading books has become difficult and I fall asleep. So I have been listening to audiobooks, and am in love with the process. 


My fascination with audiobooks started with the Harry Potter books, there are two sets out there, one read by Jim Dale, and the other by Stephen Fry. I honestly prefer Jim Dale over Stephen Fry; Jim takes extra care to put a voice to his characters. And of all of them when he impersonates Snape, it made me fall in love with the character even more. But honestly, that is another story. 


I used to listen to Harry Potter, to fall asleep years ago. It helped me drift off, and I cannot remember having a better sleep when I was listening to these books. From this point forward I was addicted. I have listened to almost every kind of book imaginable that is out there. 


There are times when I will read the book first, and then listen to it, just to see what the difference is. And honestly there is a GIANT difference, when listening to a book, rather than reading it. It is more like you are there, and still get to make up the story in your head; rather than being transported into the vision of the directors and producers of a movie.


Now, I get to listen to a lot of these books while at work. A lot of people ask me how I can pay attention to the book and still do my work. And honestly, I just can. A lot of my job is repetition, and data entry, and if someone enters my office I pause the book immediately, not to be rude. It is just a habit I have gotten into, out of respect for my co-workers. 


So, what I intend to do with this list of 100 books (which is not currently at 100 yet, but is growing each day.) is reviewing each book or series I complete. At this point in time in 2015, I have already completed 3 new books, and 5 Old, and am in the middle of three. (Yes I can read three things at once, as long as they are not the same genera, I can happily switch between worlds.) You will find I am a giant fan of mystery, and fantasy, that range between young adult to adult. I am not a fan of the romance (harlequin) type books, but will pick one up here and there if the story intrigues me. 


Books I have read so far this year: 


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – Cinder, Scarlet and Cress, and Fairest is one of the books I am half way through at the moment. I went through both Cinder and Scarlet in a matter of two days, and Cress took me a little longer due to not having the time. I am taking my time with Fairest, because the last book in the series is not out until June, so I want to savor what I have left until then. 

If you are a fan of Fairy Tales, these are the books for you. They are a re-telling of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White, with an interconnecting world, and kingdom. Also it is set in the future with cyborgs, and robots, a life/world threatening disease, aliens, and space ships. I know it sounds a little odd, but honestly I couldn’t put these books down. I had over looked Cinder more than once, thinking that the primes was just too much for me. But when I gave it the chance it deserved, I was very pleasantly surprised. I find myself shipping for all the main characters of the books, and their meant to be loves. And am rooting for the characters to FINALY get together, I mean it is a fairy tale, there has to be a happy ending, right? I guess I will just have to wait until June.                                                          

Another book I am in the middle of is Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell: An original Mystery. Yes, I am a Veronica Mars fan, and yes I read the Rob Thomas written books. I am savoring this one as well, because I do not know if there will be another one. 

The third book, I am in the middle of, and basically just started today ( and finished the same day.)  is Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. And holy crap, I cannot put this book down. This is something new, (to me) this premise, and man is it ever fascinating. I am really enjoying the audiobook, because they change voices for the male and female protagonists of the story, and it makes it a lot more engaging. Much like Gone Girl by Gillian Glynn, having the two different voices in the audiobook, I believe engages the reader even more so than that of the book. If I had to give the book a rating after finishing it, I would actually put it as 10 out of 10. I cannot believe how engaging, and creative this book realty was. 


A series that I am currently the second book of is The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. The first book, I actually caught on Netflix as a movie. Called: Tomorrow when the War Began, a great movie, and when I found out that they were books I had to immediately go out and get them. 

The first book is much like Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption, practically word for word from the book to movie. There are a few differences, to tie off the end of the movie, as there are seven books, the ending cannot be exactly the same. 

I am enjoying the series, very much, and it is a nice change from the lovey dovey chick lit, or young adult. It is about war, and survival, when all things are lost. 

So with 3 months in I am 5 books down, I think I need to get a move on! I will update in a little while with how my progress is going on. I am hoping that I can have at least 50 done by June! 



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