November Catch Up!

Sarah’s November!
November started interesting for us, then settled down after a couple weeks.
The first week my hubby was on holidays (which I wrote about earlier) we didn’t really do much throughout the week, but the weekend before he went back to work was super productive.
Then things went back to normal. Hubby went back to work, It went back to just me, Clark, and my niece throughout the day during the week. That week my sister-in-law also found a new babysitter that would take over watching my niece in the new year. So the week after she spent a couple days with the new sitter.
On November 18th my sister had her new baby girl, and I became an auntie of 5. That same day I had my own baby appointment with my midwife, found out my little girl is growing like a weed already, we’re getting so much closer to her due date (now just 2 months away) so my appointments become a bit more frequent, and we start preparing ourselves and our house for her big arrival.
Our last bit of excitement for the month came on November 25 when we went in for some family/maternity pictures. SO MUCH FUN! Clark was a rockstar, he was super silly but we managed to get lots of great shots. Can’t wait for the disc to be ready so we can see them and share them with everyone else.
We’re currently adjusting to my hubby’s second week on a new shift at work, he used to work 10 hour days and would get every Friday off, but now he’s back to 8 hour days without Friday off. However, he is being forced to take a week of holidays next week, so we’ll be able to. Get the last of our Christmas shopping all done and maybe go visit with my sister-in-law and her fiancé in the new apartment before they head out to Newfoundland for Christmas.

Bonnie’s November!
November started off uneventful for us, but ended bitter-sweet. At work I am gearing up for the busy season and year end. We usually have a lot of events to plan, and things to do. So big surprise I am making a lot of lists and organizing as much as I can to be able to work efficiently within the Christmas season.
We decorated early, as things at the beginning of December were going to be hectic for us. So we got our house made up the last week.
We went down to our home town the second week of November and had a couple of great visits with family. It was my mother in laws birthday and and we decided to do something different. My sister in law and I made dinner for them instead of my mother in law. I made shepards pie, and my sister in law made the salad and dessert. That night we also got to figure out who was buying what for relatives and what not for Christmas, it worked out really well.
But November ended on a sad note for us, with the passing of the patriarch (grandfather) of my boyfriends dad’s family. I was lucky enough to have him in my life and he will be missed greatly.

On that note, Peter and I have no children, but we enjoy the elf on the shelf tradition just as much as anyone else. We hide her on each other, and take pictures for a Christmas album I make every year. This was the first hiding Pete did. And I am sure I will have a few more to show you in our year end wrap up! For now! Have a wonderful December!



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