Holiday Traditions!

Ok so everyone has their own traditions, and then there are ones that seem to be pretty general that you’ll find happening everywhere.

As a relatively young family we’re just starting to develop our own family holiday traditions.  This year we’re all a little off because we’re learning to adapt to some random changes, like the hubby getting put on a different shift at work meaning he no longer gets Fridays off, then there’s getting the house and family ready for the new baby to arrive at the end of January/beginning of February.  That being said we’re still going to up hold some of the basic traditions. A few of which are…
Going to the hubby’s work Christmas party for the kids: this year they’re hosting a movie day, so the hubby is going to take Clark and have an afternoon out with him while I spend the time resting, or more likely getting more work done in the nursery
Christmas pictures: this year our Christmas pictures are being mixed in with maternity pictures, then next year we’ll focus on pictures of the kids. There’s also going to be the annual picture with Santa. My hubby is taking holidays in a couple of weeks so we’ll be able to go to the mall when it isn’t busy and let Clark have a good visit with Santa.
Christmas parade: the local one is coming up this Saturday but we might do something a little different, Canada has a holiday train that travels across the country and stops in a bunch of towns, so we’re going to go to one of the stops because Clark loves trains
Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree: this is one that Clark absolutely loves, we have an artificial tree, I know boo on us but when you have a toddler, a dog, and a cat it’s just easier till they learn, so Clark loves sorting out all the pieces, putting it together, then adding on all the decorations
Christmas baking: this will really be the first year that I’m going to do some baking with Clark, it’ll help satisfy the sweet tooth I have from being pregnant as well as an easy solution to pot luck dinners
– Christmas movie night: every year the kids unwrap some new pajamas, then we all climb up on the couch under a blanket with a big bowl of popcorn and watch Christmas movies all night long
Holiday lights walk: in all the little towns around here there’s always big holiday light display set up some where, so for one night, we climb in to the car and go from town to town and walk around looking at all the lights
Family gatherings: like I mentioned before we have 2 gatherings one at my Gramma’s house, and then another with my in-laws



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