Christmas Prep 2014.

Christmas is just around the corner, and we should be thinking about preparing for the festive time of year. I personally believe in not doing anything decoration wise, until after November 11th, every year. But any time after that is fine with me! I do not decorate inside until the last weekend in November or First weekend in December, depending on how busy I personally am.

Things you can start in November:

-List making! (Big surprise): Make lists of some of the following things:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Budget
  • Christmas Cards (Addresses/Who your sending them to)
  • Supplies (Decorations, food, cards, stamps, anything else you can possibly think of.)
  • Baking
  • Recipes

Another idea of something to cut down on your time, is making a meal plan for the entire month of December, so you can use your brain power for everything else you need to do in December. I tried this last year, and honestly, it was amazing. I am not one for doing it year round, but it really helped me in the Festive season.

The other thing you can get figured out is who and where you’ll be celebrating this festive season, as well as when. Making an action plan for the month of December will make a giant difference in your stress levels. Using a visible calendar between you and your loved ones will help control the, “OMG how many parties do we have to make an appearance at tonight?”

The BF and I have 4 families to visit over the Christmas season, as well as friends, and work parties, the list is almost endless. But we find if we make a solid plan, down to the minute(s), we can enjoy the day a little more, and a lot more than the first year we had to endure.

For my family (Sarah), we have 2 main gatherings.
– The Annual Gatenby Family Christmas (my dad’s side of the family), this takes place at my Gramma’s house every year on the Sunday before Christmas, so that one is easy to plan for. Only reason this might change is because of weather, like last year we had quite the blizzard the day it was supposed to be and my Gramma put her foot down and said no one was to make the drive. This year, for us at least, will be a last minute decision. I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant and if anything were to happen on the road I’d never hear the end of it for my aunts or Gramma.
– The Young Family Gathering, this year it may be happening a bit sooner than usual since this year my sister-in-law and her fiancée are heading back out to Newfoundland to spend the holidays with her soon-to-be in-laws, so we need to figure out if we’ll all be getting together before they head to the East Coast or if we’ll wait till after they get back.

I’m finding this year that having a big calendar for the month hanging where everyone can see it and add to it is the best thing for us.  We have so much going on this year between my hubby getting holidays for Christmas, family gatherings, his work Christmas party for all the kids, and my doctor’s appointments, it’s easiest to just keep everything in plain sight so there’s no wondering what’s going on when, if there’s something you want to add or check a date on…just look at the calendar.  You can even go so far as to add when you’re going to decorate, or do some Christmas shopping, or even your baking.



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