Holiday Wrap Up

So last week my hubby was on holidays from work. He was supposed to be on holidays this week as well, but don’t get me started on how things got screwed up and he managed to lose a week.

We had lots of plans of what we wanted to do over the two weeks he was supposed to have, so needless to say I got a little panicked when we lost a whole week and I need to decide what was most important and needed to get done.

I did manage to do it, but then of course things got in the way. As everyone knows I also babysit my youngest niece, we were hoping to have a couple days off from watching her but only managed to get Friday off, but we still got a few things done.

Monday: groceries for the week, we had a couple other stops we wanted to make but my son and niece were not doing so well with sharing space in our small car.

Tuesday: we stopped in for a short visit with our old wedding coordinator since our anniversary had just passed (November 2), then we went off to the mall for some shopping, we have family/maternity pictures coming up at the end of the month and my boys both needed something to wear. Once again the shopping got cut short because the kids weren’t getting along, but we managed to get everything we needed.

Wednesday: since the kids haven’t been getting along all that well the past few days we just stayed in for a nice quiet day

Thursday: Hubby went out and got the last couple of items we needed to finish off the wall we were building in the basement dividing it into our bedroom and a nursery for baby #2.

Friday: we were able to leave Clark with my sister-in-law for a couple hours while the hubby and I went out and did some car shopping, with another little one on the way we desperately needed to upgrade from our Pontiac G6 to something with a lot more room, we took out a Dodge Grand Caravan for a test drive and were sold, so we left them to work the numbers and went home to have dinner with family celebrating our oldest niece’s 4th birthday.

Saturday: back to the dealership we went! After getting a call about the numbers and deciding we were really hoping for a smaller monthly payment, we went back to test drive a different van. So out we went in a Chrysler Town and Country, it was exactly what we wanted with all the features we could have asked for. Now we patiently wait till Wednesday when the hubby can go in and trade in our little G6 for a new shiny family van.

Sunday: the hubby and I finished hanging the drywall and the door for the new wall, the we relaxed for the afternoon watching a movie with our boy, them after dinner I did some cleaning, the hubby made the dog a new bed, and I gave our furry babies each a bath.


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