October Catch Up!

Sarah’s October!

Ok so I’m not going to lie, our October was pretty uneventful, which says quite a bit since we had Thanksgiving and Halloween.

The biggest thing was Thanksgiving dinner. My hubby’s nana had hip replacement surgery on the Friday of the long weekend, so my MIL asked me if we would be willing to do all the cooking for it. So our Thanksgiving long weekend was full of preparations and cooking (which isn’t much different from everyone else’s). We tried a couple new recipes, and a couple of favourites.  For our turkey we did a bacon covered turkey, because let’s face it, turkey, stuffing, and bacon…can’t go wrong.  It turned out awesome! The bacon grease went right in to the turkey and it kept the bird nice and juicy.  Then we had a lemon roasted potatoes and beans, I made my ranch mashed potatoes (as requested by my SIL), my SIL made mashed turnip and a coleslaw, and for dessert we had lemon meringue and pumpkin pie (store bought, because I had no time and don’t like either of those pies so I wasn’t going to make them), I made Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes, and my MIL put together a pudding bar for the kids with butterscotch and chocolate pudding, whip cream and sprinkles.  Overall dinner was a huge success, everyone left the house completely stuffed, and there were lots of left overs for work lunches for the next day too.  I will give you some advice though, if you’re in the kitchen all day, your FIL has the wood stove going, and the house has a good 12-14 people running around it….open LOTS of windows.  It was pretty tough on me, being in the kitchen all day and being 24 weeks pregnant I was overheating like crazy, I ended up sitting out on the deck while everyone else was eating just to bring my body temperature down a bit.

After that everything stayed pretty calm for the rest of the month, there were the typical things, I was babysitting my niece while her siblings were at school, a baby appointment with one of my midwives, and then Halloween.

Halloween wasn’t as fun as it could have been, the weather was pretty gross so instead of doing a bunch of trick or treating we went to my in-laws, and then stopped in with our friends who live close by and that was it.  Nice and simple, next year we’ll do a bit more, the little man will have some friends from school so who knows maybe we’ll all go out together.

That’s about all that happened, it was a nice quiet month leading in to a busy holiday season that kicked off nice and early with our one year wedding anniversary on November 2, leading to our niece’s birthday, then our nephew’s birthday, and Christmas, all with baby appointments with the midwives tucked in between everything.  But you’ll hear all about those things later on.

Bonnie’s October!

I love October, but it is also bittersweet for me as well. Thanksgiving and Halloween, are both amazing holidays, with barely any pressure. But it also marks the anniversary of my fathers passing, so I also get a little down.

Thanksgiving was quiet for us, usually it is a giant family affair, but we just had my brother, and his girlfriend over for dinner. I cooked most of the meal, and tried a bunch of new recipes, but ended up going mostly traditional in the end. I have to say, my favorite was the smashed potatoes that I made. Bacon, cheese, butter, potatoes, onion and garlic, honestly how can you go wrong?

After dinner, we played boardgames, and just enjoyed the company. It was quiet, and I have to say a nice change from the 15-25 people at thanksgiving that it usually is. But I did miss the family, and am looking forward to next year being back to normal.

We went to a Halloween party, with friends, and enjoyed the night, because of the weather we didn’t get many trick or treaters this year, the number has been slowly declining since our first year in the house.

I tried a couple of different recipes this month, with the cooler weather, I tried 2 different versions of stew. Seriously Simple Beef Stew,  and Jools Beef Stew  Both were amazing, and had their perks, but if you are looking for something fast try Kraft’s, but you want to make a lasting impression, go with Jamie Oliver.  A tip, for stew, sear the beef first no matter what the recipe says, and use a full bodied red wine to de-glaze the pan, it adds an extra layer to the flavor, and tenderizes the beef amazingly.

November is a little more busy, and as December approaches we will be preparing for the holiday season. I have already begun gathering recipe ideas, and present ideas!


Welcome Nov





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