In light of the actions that took place in our nation’s capital (as well as our hometown) I can’t see anything better to post about than to share how proud we are of our men and women in uniform.

Be it military, police, paramedics, nurses, or any the wears any type of uniform, we just want to say thank you.

To Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, we want to send an extra thank you and our sincerest apologies. You woke up every day ready to serve your country and to lay your life on the line. We can only hope that what happened to you was the feelings of one crazed man. The rest of our country love and respect you for everything you have done to keep us safe. Thank you for that, and it devastates us that such a horrific thing would happen to you (or anyone for that matter).

To Cpl. Cirillo’s family, we can’t imagine what be going through your minds trying to process and trying to understand why it would happen to your amazing young man. We can only hope that you know the entire country grieves with you as if he was our family as well. But we all know we will never be able to experience the kind of devastation and heartbreak you must be feeling today, just know the entire country stands behind you as your support, just like we stood behind Nathan.

To Sargent at Arms Michael Vickers, thank you. You came to action, and save an unknown number of lives yesterday. You are most definitely a hero in everyone’s eyes, whether you see it yourself or not. Without knowing it you got justice for a man you didn’t even know.

Thank you to everyone that puts their lives on the line to keep us safe every day. Saying from experience, I can say that I think there are many people who took your work for granted. The number of times I heard, or saw, the words “I never thought this would happen in our city” caught me off guard. I think we all knew these things were possible, we’ve seen it happen all over the world, but we became almost desensitized to it, because we have been protected so well by those men and women that get up every day and risk their lives for us.

We know things will never be the same, but I hope the military and first responders knows they have a lot more respect from many more people in the country. Thank you for risking your lives everyday to keep us safe.



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