Our Lives in a Nutshell

So. We’ve decided to start something new every month. We realized we haven’t really shared all too much about our lives, just small things that go on, like how we plan for things. So from now on, the last post of the month (or first post of the new month will be a summary of what’s been going on in our lives lately. Hope you guys enjoy the brief glimpse into our lives!

Sarah’s September
So this month has been a little hectic in my house. On the long weekend we started a small renovation, turning our big basement bedroom in to two rooms by adding a wall, so that our new addition that arrives in February will have a room. So the framing for that is up now. Shortly after that we had a big morning, it was the ultrasound where we were able to find out if Clark would have a little brother or little sister. (I’ll reveal that little tid bit at the end).
Then it was big days for the who clan, my nephew started grade 1, my niece started JK, and I started babysitting my youngest niece while her siblings were at school. That’s been quite the change to get adjusted to (mostly for Clark, but he loves having a play mate).
Overall it’s been a fairly uneventful month in our house. Just trying to get more things ready for the new little, my hubby working overtime (to afford everything for the little one, goodness babies can be expensive). But we’re all looking forward to getting more things done around the house next month. Once the babies room is all done (or we’ve at least made more progress) I’ll do a post all about it and why we chose to do it the way we did.

Hope everyone had a great month!

So I said I’d reveal the big secret of whether we’re having another little boy or a new little girl. Well …. Here’s the answer!


Bonnie’s September

So, as I told everyone earlier, I was at Fan Expo 2014, over my labor day weekend. And as much as I love the weekend, I don’t think we will be going back for a few years. Due to it’s popularity, and expense, the weekend is just too much. Don’t get me wrong we had a blast, but taking a few years off might be a good idea. BUT! I will have to say, if Joss Whedon comes back, all bets are off!!!! Right Sarah?

The first week of September was vacation, we had a few contractors in for renovations we want to do in the future, and crunched some numbers. We went home for a few hours one day, took my Mom and Grandmother out to dinner. But over all it was a great stay-cation.

The second week, well that turned everything upside down for me. I started my second college degree. Now, I am only taking one course this semester, but honestly it’s taking it’s toll. A full time job, and a a detailed course where something is due each week, and if something isn’t due there is a test. I will admit I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Work is gearing up to be crazy now too, with certain projects coming to a close, and into play before our busy season starts. January also marks my fiscal year’s end, so I am gathering all that info now, so not to be scrambling over the Christmas holidays. I am proud to say, that so far, I have an A+ in the class, but I am sure that is going to change a bit over the semester.

We started a new tradition in my boyfriend’s family in September, we usually try and get together once a month, for dinner or something, but we have decided that it is now going to be on a Friday evening from now on. We went up the third week in September, and we picked our date for October when we were there. I am hoping that this will make for a consistent visit schedule, and we wont always be changing plans to be able to make it to family events.


On a sad note, my in-laws had to put the beloved family dog down. At 13 King or as I like to call him Kingdom, had a great life with us. He had a stroke, and his quality of life was just not 100% any more. We all got a great good last night with him when we went home for the family night.


But on a happier note, I LOVE October, one of my all time favorite months. With Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween (my all time non-favorite holiday.) I am sure I will have some stories to tell in November.





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