Thanksgiving… It’s just around the corner

Bonnie’s Thanksgiving Plans

This past weekend marked an official month until Canadian thanksgiving. And this means I am excited. I have to say I think this is my favourite fall holiday and time of year. (I hate the Winter.)

Where I live it’s already gotten cooler, so fall is in the air, making me think about thanksgiving a lot earlier than I normally would.
This year unlike most, my boyfriend and I are hosting a friends-giving. We normally travel to his side of the family’s annual dinner, but as circumstances have it this year we cannot. I have not been this excited to throw a dinner party in a long time. The weekend is shaping up to be a good one as well. While the boys attend a concert on the Saturday, the girls are having a girls night, hosted by my BFF. Sunday were going to have an early dinner I am making Turkey, stuffing and the potatoes and lord knows what else. Everyone who is invited is to bring a side or can appetizer. And the Monday the official holiday were going to have a Movie Afternoon and a bunch of us are going to watch “Thankskilling 1 and 3. The movie so good it didn’t need a second movie.. ..” Think Jim Henson and killer turkeys.

So now the official planning begins on what to make and do, as well as decorate. I want to make my house a fall wonderland, therefore Pintrest has become my best friend as of late for recipes and decoration ideas.

This year I want to do something different as well, I want to make invitations to go along with the dinner….as something different, and a little more formal.

So as I move along with this planning process, I will post some ideas, and recipes that I am going to try out before the big day!


Sarah’s Thanksgiving Plans

Our Thanksgiving is pretty low key. The whole family gets together (generally at my brother-in-laws place because they have the most room) for a big dinner. My brother-in-law takes care of the turkey and a ham, and it’s everyone else’s responsibility to cover the sides and dessert.  I usually make a potato dish, some sort of appetizer dip, and a dessert.  At this point there’s usually about 21 people there (this includes my brother-in-law’s in-laws), so there’s always a ton of food.

The other thing that happens, at least over the past few years, is that my mother-in-law buys each of the siblings their own little turkeys.  So a couple weeks after Thanksgiving we have some friends over for dinner and have another big turkey dinner.  Which is definitely nice, lots of left overs means work dinners are covered for a couple days.

We’ll have a few things going on this year, shortly after Thanksgiving (once November hits) it will be our one year wedding anniversary (and 5 year anniversary), the hubby will be taking a couple weeks of holidays to get some hunting time in, then a couple weeks after that we’ll be making the trip to Ottawa to meet our new niece once she arrives.


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