FanExpo 2014

Over the long weekend, my Boyfriend and I, and one of my best friend traveled to Toronto, Ontario to go to FanExpo 2014.

While I think this is going to be our last year for a few years, we had fun, and I got to meet some of the most prominent men in television today. Here are some pictures of our trip, and the fun that we had.



So our first stop was to meet the famous Matt Smith, who played the 11th Doctor in Dr. Who. This was more for my friend than it was me, but it was nice to hear his dreamy British accent in person.


Next up was the HOTTEST MAN ON TV, if you ask both Sarah and I. He is JUST as pretty in person, as he is on TV’s Arrow, Mr. Stephen Amell. One of the nicest people I have ever met! He wanted to talk to all of his fans. I told him how much Sarah had wanted to be there for his autograph, but couldn’t, and he told me to tell her thank you for being a fan, and send her my love. Such a nice man, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a star.

That night we met up with my brother who was in Toronto on training, we went to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.


It was really cool, but I honestly, don’t think it was worth the $25.00 price tag. We got a $5.00 discount for going after 7pm, but I found it rather expensive for what was there. This little guy above, was the kicker for me, and I enjoyed him very much. He followed my finger, and would come up against the glass flat when I walked away. I came back to him a couple of times, and he swam right back up to me, and if you look closely in this picture, I swear he is smiling!

The aquarium is right behind the CN Tower, so I got this awesome shot when we were leaving.


On Saturday, I got to meet Norman Reedus


That was fun, as I had been attempting to get his autograph for more than 4 years now. It was close to impossible, but this year, we stuck it out, and had a nice little chat. He gave us a spoiler for those who love The Walking Dead I quote “We eat Glen and Maggie while in the shipping container.” He then gave us a coy smile and told us to stay cool!

Saturday was a wash, I hate going on Saturday’s as it is just a mad house, I didn’t do much, and just walked around the merch room.

Sunday, I got to meet Ray Wise, and got his autograph, he signed the picture: To Bonnie, Leland loves you. Which I loved, if anyone is a fan of his show Twin Peaks, you will understand.

I also was able to go to the Bitten panel on Sunday, for the second year in a row. The cast was amazing, and this will be one of the things that I miss, not going next year.


So, that was my weekend, in a nutshell, with a bunch more pictures, and shopping in between. I leave you with a picture of the Bat-mobile, and a Lego Rocket and Groot.




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