Ottawa, Ontario to Beresford, New Brunswick

Over the August long weekend my boyfriend and I, as well as his brother, wife and three children, as well as my mother in law took it upon ourselves to go visit family in New Brunswick. We decided to drive, as flying was economically a bad idea with the size of our group.

So the boy and I would drive from Ottawa to Cornwall, Ontario and meet up with the others in our party, and from there drive to Edmonston, New Brunswick; our first stop.

Day 1This was the view from our hotel.

We got in at about 1am, and left again around 10am, drove the next 4 hours to get to Bathurst where our next next hotel was. It was a Best Western, and let me tell you it was a phenomenal hotel. It being brand new it was nice to stay in a room that had never been stayed in before. The beds and pillows were AMAZING.

Later that day we were invited to the family cottage for dinner with everyone. The cottage is in Beresford, New Brunswick

Right on the beach, and a little piece of heaven if you ask me!

the cottage

This is the front of the cottage!


Day 2

This is the back!

For the next few days, we relaxed at the beach, and had fun in the sun and sand. On Sunday we went to visit my boyfriend’s Aunt and Uncle’s house so the kids could go pick raspberries, and so my mother in law could see their beautiful garden. Which, I did not get a picture of, but let me tell you, it was amazing! I wish I had a green thumb instead of a black one, when it comes to gardening.

The Monday was New Brunswick Day, a holiday in the province, and Saturday night, while we had a bonfire on the beach, we got to enjoy the other cottages setting off Chinese Lanterns, and fireworks. I love bonfires, but I have to say having one on a beach was always an experience I wanted to have. Being able to enjoy the ocean air, and a fire all at once was an amazing. Too bad the mosquito’s wanted to join the party too! Family

The boys fishing, picking raspberries, and just enjoying the sun.

We’ve decided next year, that a 4 day trip is not ideal, and we will most likely stay a week. (7 days) We are going to look into renting a cottage on the beach, which makes me extremely excited for next summer.

So, that was our New Brunswick adventure for 2014, and I leave you with pictures of the beautiful sunset, that I was able to catch on the Saturday night, before the bonfire on the beach.

Day 3

I hope everyone else is enjoying their vacations in the summer of 2014.



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