Sarah’s Niagara Falls Adventure

So for the long weekend the family and I (and my in-laws) went to Niagara Falls.  It was fantastic!  When we first got there we just relaxed, we took the walk down to Clifton Hill just to see what we wanted to do over the following few days.  When we got there my son was instantly attracted to the Great Canadian Midway with the bright lights and sounds.  We ended up spending 2 hours there without even realizing that much time had gone by.


Day Two was when we really got in to the sightseeing. We purchased the Fun Pass which gives you access to 5 different attractions for one low price ($25 for adults, and my son was free because he’s under 3).  We spent even more time in the Midway because it was too fun not to, our son loved it and even us adults had a blast trying to win tickets so we could get Clark an awesome prize.  After the Midway we went to the Movieland Wax Museum (which was included in the Fun Pass). It was really neat to see all the different exhibits.  I personally found that there was only maybe a handful that actually looked like the people, but they were all still really neat. Best part of it, my husband didn’t realize there were alarms on all the pieces, so when he asked me to take a picture of him punching Iron Man and he reached across the barrier he set off the alarm, luckily I already had my camera ready so I got his reaction, it was priceless.


After the wax museum my mother-in-law and I went up on the SkyWheel. That was an amazing experience we saw everything. The next time we do the trip I plan on doing that ride at night to see the falls all lite up.


Then it was off to Dinosaur Adventure Golf! We thought our son would love it, because he loves dinosaurs.  For some reason we were wrong. They had “dinosaur” sounds playing over speakers and that seemed to really scare him.  It also didn’t help that we had to wait at least 10 minutes at each hole because it was so busy.  Needless to say….we skipped half the course and left.  All the dinosaur statues were really cool and the volcano was amazing. But it was  just too busy and loud for my son’s liking.  It also didn’t help that he wasn’t feeling 100% that day either.

Day Three we walked a different route down to the falls, which got us closer to them.  It wasn’t the greatest of days weather wise, it had rained the night before and was still really overcast.  We were able to get right close to them, to the point where as we were walking to the big gift shop we got pretty much soaked by the mist rising up.  I didn’t mind it, but everyone else seemed annoyed by it.


After that we hopped on the bus (the WeGo system is actually pretty neat it’s $7 for 24 hour pass and there’s 5 different route that get you around to all the different attractions) back up to Clifton Hill, we had one last round in the Midway and cashed in our over 3500 tickets and got Clark some really cool prizes.  After that it was lunch time. We tried to go to the Rainforest Cafe, thinking once again my son would love it.  He loved waiting in the gift shop and looking in the big fish tank.  However as we were being seated they had one of their simulated thunder storms, where the lights flash, and there’s thunder and the animals all come to life.  It was really cool, but it terrified my son. He actually grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the door asking to leave because it was too scary.  Which in the end, was a good thing because of how ridiculously over priced the food is there.


After that we headed to Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Now that one was amazing. They all looked a lot like the people they were portraying, and even better you were able to get close to them, pose and take pictures with them.  So of course we had to get lots of goofy pictures with all of them.  My favourite part was when we came across the Secretariat figure, my son is addicted to horses, and he was genuinely upset that the horse wasn’t real. He was petting it and kept asking if he could go for a ride.


After a few hours back at the hotel getting some rest in (and my son having a nap) we headed back out at night to watch the fireworks over the falls.  They were fantastic, and a great way to end our vacation.

Overall it was an amazing trip and we can’t wait to go back.  My husband and I would definitely like to do a short weekend there by ourselves so we can do some of the attractions that you can’t really take kids to, like the Journey Behind The FallsHornblower Niagara Cruises.  Either way we’re beyond excited to go back.




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