Recipe Alert! Chicken Ranch Tacos!

So I’m not a huge fan of tacos, but my husband loves them.  It’s mostly because I don’t like ground beef in them, weird I know. So I found this chicken taco recipe from and it’s delicious!

3 cups cooked chicken, cut up
1 pkt. taco seasoning (chicken or beef)
1/2 cup Ranch dressing
taco shells
Ranch dressing
any of your favorite taco toppings!


1) Heat a skillet over med-high heat. Add chicken & warm it for a few minutes. Sprinkle on the dry taco seasoning. Do not add any water! Heat for 5-7 minuted until all heated through & powder is stuck to the chicken.
2) Add Ranch dressing, heat an additional 2-3 minutes to warm through.
3) Serve in taco shells with all the fixings you love – plus an extra squirt of Ranch!

They’re really quick and easy to make. I always just give my husband a bunch of different containers filled with every to build his own tacos at work, then the tortillas aren’t falling apart or gross and soggy.

Hope you like them as much as we do!


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