Summer’s Here & School is Out

So school is coming to an end for the year. Now before the kids start bugging you every day saying they’re bored, here’s a list of a few things that you can do with them to keep them occupied, and happy.

Outdoor Fun!

– Day camps! A lot of community centers offer day or even week long camps for a pretty low cost.

– Go to the beach! One of my favourites, pack up a lunch, coat yourself in sunscreen, bring a beach ball, a Frisbee, whatever you want and spend the day at the beach.

– Picnic in the park! Pretty much the same thing as going to be the beach, just with much less sand.

– Museum day! Just because they’re on summer break doesn’t mean the learning has to stop, go out and check out some of the local museums.

– Try a new sport! When I was younger my dad took me out to try lawn bowling (I know, who even plays it) but it wasn’t too bad. All it takes it trying something once, and who knows  maybe your kids will find a new hobby.

– If you have access to a projector, set up a movie theater in your backyard. All you need is a white sheet hung up on a fence or in between two trees and watch some Disney Movies or Harry Potter at dusk with the whole family in your very own backyard.

– Bubble fight! My son, nieces and nephew are all addicted to bubbles. If they had things there way and an unlimited supply of bubble soap we’d spend all day every day outside. So grab some bubble guns and have some fun. Heck, hope in to your bathing suits and run around with some water guns, a great way to have fun and stay cool.

Rainy Days at Home!

-If you have one of your old favorite books that you had as a child, hand it off to yours. One of my all time favorite memories was my mother handing me a copy of Little Women one rainy day my summer between grade 6 and 7.

– Look up on YouTube on how to to make a mini album, and give your kids some pictures of their school year, their friends, and family members, and have them make a lovely album for them to look back on.

– Camping indoors! I loved this as a kid, there are tons of ways for you to make pillow and blanket forts just inside your living room.


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