When asked both Sarah and I will admit wholeheartedly that we are fan girls. We have both been to comic cons and have screamed at the TV or big screen with the best of them. We have quite a few fandoms in common but we also have quite a few that do not cross over our friendship.


Two of the major ones we have in common:

Sam and Dean Winchester and Cas from Supernatural: “Demons, I get. People are crazy!”

While Sarah is more up to date on Supernatural than I am at the moment, I love these three characters. I have to say Dean Winchester is one of my TV crushes, and personally cannot wait to see what Jensen Ackles does next in his career.

The reason I love these three is the dynamic that they have together. You can just tell that they are friends on and off screen, they just work well together. I also love Bobby, and the addition of him to the group makes for an amazing all male cast.

I’ve watched this show from the very beginning.  It started with amazing folk stories and fairy tale creatures and has developed into fallen angels and demons.

The battle between the brothers has reached all new heights, which any one with siblings can relate to.  Throw in Castiel and the 3 of them are magic. Cas is so unconnected to anything that it’s like teaching a small child, he keeps the brothers together.

Everyone loves a good story that they can disappear in to with fairy tale creatures and beautiful men.

Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy: “You are my Person”


Almost any girl can connect with these two; their friendship is one of the best examples of modern women in the career world. This is one of those TV shows, where I can be caught screaming at the television during an episode or two. I’ve also been known to need a box or two of tissues while watching.

A group of friends working together trying to make it through the first few years of their careers (sorta sounds like high school and college to me).  We might not be able to connect to the medical emergencies (at least I really hope no one can) but we can relate to the problems that arise between friends.


Two shows we do not have in common:

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from BBC’s Sherlock: ““Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.”

I don’t even know where to begin with Sherlock. I didn’t start watching it till just before the 3rd season started.  I can’t even describe the show.

The relationship between John and Sherlock is so complicated, but it’s so real. Meeting a complete stranger and trying to decide if you’re actually going to have them in your life and what kind of importance they’ll hold.

Now…why I freak out over the show. It’s had 3 seasons…3 episodes per season….2 hours per episode. 18 hours of awesomeness.  The stories are deep, there’s so many levels, there’s twists that you don’t see coming.  You get so involved in the story and the lives of the characters that when the season comes to an end you just sit there cursing at the tv because it ended on too big of a cliff hanger and you’re mad that you have to wait so long for it to come back (seriously ask anyone how they reacted to the end of season 2).

Jax and Gemma from Sons of Anarchy: “Nothing gets in the way of taking care of my family!”


So, at this point of the game most people will wonder why I love the mother son relationship between Jax and Gemma, considering how tortured they are, and how doomed their relationship is at this point in the series.

Gemma, being one of the most devoted mothers on television. She makes all the hard choices that most mothers will hopefully never have to face, she is a fierce protector of her family and herself. Jax on the other hand, loves his mother, and would do anything to keep his boys safe, just as his mother would him, but the Club comes first, or so we think. The scenes that these two have together, when they are getting along, reflects the relationship I think most mothers would love to have with their son.

I could go on forever about my fan girl love for this show, as tv shows go, I have to say this is my favorite one. The fact that the whole show revolves around an anti-hero(s) makes for an interesting concept.



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