Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go….or are you?

What do you pack when you travel? Clothes, toiletries, make-up, camera, money.  It all depends on where you’re going, but don’t forget about the other important things you need.  Your paperwork.

Before I even start packing my clothes and the essentials for my trip I make sure I have all my papers together.  A lot of people don’t necessarily bring these with them, but I’d rather have them with me in case something comes up, then be stuck without them.

The things I like to keep together isn’t a huge list of things, but to me they’re important.

– Hotel reservation confirmation
– Tickets (or confirmations) for any events, shows, or attractions that needed to be purchased in advance
– Rental car agreement and confirmation
– Maps for both the drive to our destination as well as from the hotel to all the local landmarks we plan on going to
– Contact info for people back home (when we travel without our animals I always like to check in to make sure they’re doing ok, also we always shop for our nieces and nephews so if I need to double check on sizes for clothes an easy access phone list is good to have)

For international trips…

– Passports
– Flight itinerary and tickets
– Custom guidelines

Like I said, it isn’t a huge list but for all of my trips they’re very important and essential to in getting the best out of our trip.


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