Travel, Vacations, and Following the Yellow Brick Road

It’s that time of year again, when everyone is planning their summer trips away, be it a road trip, a weekend or week at the cottage, even your honeymoon. Everyone can use some tips and tricks when planning.

Both Sarah and I are planning some trips this summer. Sarah’s trips are a bit bigger than mine, in the fact that she is planning a large longer trip. But I have a bunch of weekend getaways to plan, and a weekend at the cottage too. So, we wanted to get on track with what it is that we wanted to organize.

Bonnie’s Trips

Cottage weekend: were going with a bunch of people to the cottage this summer, and when I say Cottage, I mean my in law’s; organizing a large group of people when going on a trip, can be tedious on top of all the other things that you have to plan.

Fan Expo Weekend: Both Sarah and I are planning on meeting up in Toronto this summer for Fan Expo Toronto. I am going to the convention a bit longer than Sarah, but planning a trip to a big city is always an adventure, when planning out your meals, and extra activities that you want to do.

Possible New Brunswick Trip: The boyfriend and I try to make it out to New Brunswick every other summer to see his side of the family each year. As it is a 11 hour drive, it takes quite a bit of planning to do. As this isn’t 100% verified that we are going this year, and in the works, I will take you through our decision process on going or not.

Our anniversary trip: It’s my boyfriend’s and my 8 year anniversary in June, and we want to have weekend trip to celebrate…. But where we are going to go is up in the air.

Sarah’s Trips

Cottage Weekend: My brother-in-law has a beautiful cottage right on Lake Simcoe. Last year we went for a couple of days and it certainly wasn’t a long enough visit, so this year we plan on picking a long weekend to. The 4 cousins love being together, and we love being able to just relax and spend time on the water.

Fan Expo Weekend: We’re only planning on doing the convention for one day, but that won’t stop us from spending the entire weekend in Toronto. We’re going to take Clark to do all the sightseeing we can, the zoo, the new aquarium, maybe take him to his first Blue Jays game, and do a bunch of shopping.

Honeymoon: We weren’t able to afford a honeymoon right after the wedding so we’re taking it this year. It’s going to be tough because neither of us really want to be away from Clark but since we have certain plans for this year it might be our only chance to get away just the two of us. Our plan….Broadway! It’s a dream trip that I can’t wait for. I love Broadway almost as much as I love my family. We’ll do all the sightseeing around town, a bit of shopping, but most importantly for me…we’ll be seeing Les Misèrables. This trip is not coming soon enough.

Anniversary Trip: It’s our 1st wedding anniversary this year (as well as our 5 year anniversary). We’ll be taking a small trip to Toronto. The tour of Wicked makes it stop in Toronto this fall from September to November.  Closing night happens to land on our anniversary so we’ll be going to see the very final show (it’s a bucket list point for me to see a closing performance). I’ve seen the show before, but I can’t wait to see it again, and for the hubby to see it for the first time.

Weekend Trips: We’ll more than likely be making one or two trips back to Ottawa to visit with friends and family over the summer as well. One will be coming up shortly hopefully, once my friends little girl decides to make her grand entrance to the world we’ll be going down to meet her.

The hubby gets 4 weeks of holidays from work this year and we plan on putting every single one of them to good use. With having to plan 2 weddings over the past 2 years we never got much time to hang out as a family, our holidays got wasted on other things. But this year we vowed to make this summer count.


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