The Easter Bunny Is On His Way … Part 3

The Easter Bunny likes to leave gifts for my son, and nieces and nephew when he makes his visit.  But lately he’s been struggling with ideas of what to get the kids.  So I had to leave him some ideas.  Here’s what I gave him, if you need some inspiration for your Easter Bunny, hope this can help you out.

For our older niece and nephew there will be one big basket put together.  It will be stuffed with goodies such as…

– Frozen on blu-ray… my brother-in-law rented it for the kids last weekend and they have been running around the house singing the songs)
– Bubbles… lots and lots and lots of bubbles. Our kids all play outside for the majority of the summer, and blowing bubbles is the favourite activity so big jugs of bubbles, as well as an assortment of different wands and toys to go with them is a must.
– Balls…. a couple of tennis balls, maybe a soccer ball. Just something to kick or throw around in the yard
– Sticker and colouring books … they love doing artwork and seeing it get put up on the fridge at home so a variety of sticker and colouring books to share always goes overly famously
– Fruit snacks… they’ll get plenty of chocolate and sugary treats from their grandparents so we’re going to a bit healthier with some all fruit juice snacks for share.

The good thing about this basket…. everything (but the movie) can be found at the dollar store, so we can spoil the kids without breaking the bank.

Now our youngest niece only just turned at year old in March so she can’t really use everything that’s going in the basket, but we’ll make up a little basket for her. It’ll have a cute little dress or outfit to wear during the summer, as well as some of her favourite toddler treats.

Now for our son… he’ll be getting a bunch of toys for the backyard, a little t-ball set, a basketball net, a soccer ball.  For Christmas he was given a hockey net set (it came with 2 nets and a couple of mini sticks) so it can be set up in the driveway for a hockey game, or in the backyard ford soccer.  He’ll also get some pool toys.  My brother-in-law and his family got our son an inflatable kiddie pool for his birthday last year so we’ll make up a basket with lots of stuff he can use in the pool through the summer.  It seems like a lot for him and yes in reality it is… but we can’t help but spoil our son.  I also have lots of coupons saved up for these things so that will help cut the costs.

Hope that is helpful… keep in mind the kids we are buying for are between the ages of 13.5 months and 5 years.



Like Sarah’s family, my family enjoys giving the Easter bunny a list of  outdoor supplies for the kids in my family. Usually it will be toys for  use outside during the summer, but the Easter bunny needed some hints for indoor toys to leave at Nann’s house (my mother in law), because the kids dont have many toys there.

We lucked out and found Duplo 100 box set on sale for $10.00 at toys r us the other day, needless to say we picked up 4 sets to leave at Nann’s house. We will also be doing the same as Sarah and getting together baskets for the kids to enjoy. I attempt to only give one little thing of chocolate to each of them, as it will be the main focus for a lot of their gifts.

As for my god son, the Easter bunny is having a hard time with his gift, as he is only 1, and his younger sister, who will only be 3 months at the time of Easter…. should anyone have any ideas for the Easter bunny, please leave a comment below and I will tell him!




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