The Easter Bunny Is On His Way …. Part 2

Easter for us is like most family gatherings in a lot of ways, but so different in others.

The days before Easter Sunday, my friends usually get together for a pot luck to celebrate the long weekend, and some much needed rest and relaxation.

On Easter Sunday we go to my In-Laws house, like most holiday meals, but this time, almost all the extended family is there for the event. Thanksgiving is small, and so is Christmas for us as they are just direct family, but Easter, the house is a hopping (Pun intended).

The kids eat chocolate, and play in the yard, weather permitting. We have turkey, and ham, and the Sunday is just a wonderful family day. I have to admit I enjoy Easter more than other holidays, as we only have one place to go, as well as there is no pressure to buy gifts, only Chocolate!

Depending on the weather, we have the boys go on an egg hunt, (until Feb, I only had nephews), and if the weather isn’t so spring like, we hide the eggs in the house for the boys to enjoy finding.

One thing that we do, that is not normal, or by any means SANE is two of my brother in laws, go on a canoe trip down the creek that is across the street from my in-laws. This is a tradition, and completely insane, but fun. The kids (and by kids I mean my boyfriend’s other brothers, and their significant others) run out, and take bets on how long it takes them to tip the canoe, or fall in. I am usually taking pictures.

226827_10150627418305002_531515_n 225666_10150627475530002_4228724_n

So, as you can see, we have a fun family event, with all the family together. It is a nice way to celebrate. My mother in law is a fantastic cook, and I am always looking forward to the meal she prepares. After the meal, the kids all help clean up, and put things away, so my mother in law isn’t so over whelmed with clean up. It is a nice division of the event.

So from my family to yours Happy Early Easter, and enjoy the weekend be it with family or friends.


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