The Easter Bunny Is On His Way … Part 1!

So since Easter is coming up at the end of the month we figured it’s time to share our ideas on how to celebrate.

easter eggs

This week I’ll (Sarah) share how my family celebrates the holidays.  Next week Bonnie will share her plans for the holiday, and the week following we’ll share some of our favourite gift ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’re in a bind on what to get if you are among those that give gifts to celebrate.

For our family Easter is another reason to get everyone together.  Usually the oldest brother (of  my in-laws) hosts the afternoon because they have the most room for everyone, and so his wife’s family can join in to get it all done in one shot. The majority of the time it’s Easter Monday that we all get together because everyone gets that day off work (and now school since our nephew is in SK).

It’s a pretty basic afternoon gathering, we all show up shortly after lunchtime each bringing a dish to contribute to dinner. My brother-in-law usually cooks a turkey and a ham so everyone else gets to fight over side dishes, appetizers and dessert.

The timeline we follow is pretty basic. Show up after lunch, socialize, then a quick egg hunt outside for the kids, then the kids get to enjoy some of their snacks, then they open their gifts, then it’s on to dinner!  We like to keep things casual when we get together. It’s so rare that we’re all together we just prefer to enjoy the time. This is one of the few occasions that my brother-in-law comes home from Toronto, since he’s moved we only get to see him less than a handful of times a year, mainly just the big holidays. This year will be especially important (and a difficult) for us.  This will be the first year without my husband’s grandfather, and the first holiday since his passing as well, so we’ll all be taking in every moment we get together.

When it comes to the egg hunt we don’t just put out the little chocolate eggs.  Last year it was cold and rainy so we needed something to withstand the weather a bit better. So we went out and bought the plastic eggs, opened them up and put a couple candies in each of them.  That way we were able to control the amount of sweets the kids got as well.  This year we’re doing an extra egg hunt at home with our son before we get together with everyone else. We found a bag of the plastic eggs that are already filled with candies, but they aren’t chocolates they’re 100% fruit gummies, so a bit on the healthier side, and it will limit the amount of chocolate he’ll get that day.  When he’s coming down from a chocolate high he is one grumpy kid so the less sugar in his system the better.

Hope everyone has an amazing Easter with their families, no matter how you celebrate or what you do, I hope you take the time to appreciate every moment you get to spent together.



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