For the love of paper crafting

In 2012, I had a bit of a break through in the sense that I needed a hobby. I needed something that would get me off the couch, and stop watching TV and do something. My boyfriend being a huge Warhammar 40 K person had his models and painting them, creating terrain ect. But that didn’t interest me. I knew I wanted it to be something creative, but I couldn’t figure out what.
In comes the world of Youtube, I saw a picture on a blog of this really neat card. Kristina Werner Designs, and instantly fell in love with what she was doing. After spending a Saturday watching her videos and reading her blog, and looking into all her colleagues at Simon Says Stamp I decided to go to Michaels and pick up some stuff to play around with. That my friends is how my office became my craft room!
While I haven’t quite figured out how to photograph some of my card designs, I have come up with an idea for a project I am working on, and I decided to share that with you today.
Here is my Book of Lists 2014!


We all know my love of making lists, and I thought what an awesome way, to use up some Project Life cards! Come up with a bunch of fun lists to write about , and even if over time things change, or I check something off a list, I can adjust a page, or create a whole new book. It is an interesting challenge for myself, as I have to come up with a bunch of lists, as well as things to put on them.
I’ve created a rule where, I must have at least 5 entries per list in order for it to make it into the book. And that I cannot stress about the cards I am using, if I don’t have anything that matches the topic, and then oh well! I am to use what I have and not buy anything else until at least this book is done. (unless I need glue, which is the never ending buy in my crafting world).
Now, I didn’t come up with this idea myself, there are a bunch of ideas like this out there, I just thought putting them in the Snap album I had, and using project life cards would be a great way to destash some of my supplies.
While I leave you with my first few pages, I will update as I go along. I ask, can anyone come up with some good lists for me to put in my book?





One thought on “For the love of paper crafting

  1. For photographing them I would suggest setting them up against a white wall/background and putting a light source on both sides to prevent glare and really illuminate the subject. 🙂

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