Broadway Bucket List

So if you know Bonnie or I you know about our deep love for the stage.  Every part of a Broadway musical is amazing, the lighting, the choreography, the songs, the story, the costumes.


We’ve both see our fair share of Broadway shows (maybe not ON Broadway, but they were there), after learning of a few shows that were off broad and had short runs on Broadway, I’ve realized my Broadway Bucket List has seriously expanded and I’m in need of a trip to New York to cross things off my list.

A few shows that I’ve been lucky to see are Wicked, Mamma Mia!, The Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma, The Lion King, Guys And Dolls, The Music Man, Anything Goes. I could go on for a while.  The majority of those I saw on school trips that were strictly to go to theatre shows. My old high school holds a trip every year to Stratford, Ontario for the famous Stratford Festival. We were lucky enough to see 5 shows (3 plays, 2 musicals) as well as do tours of the theatres and work shops with the actors. One of my favourite memories from the trips I went on was when we saw Guys And Dolls. Sir Christopher Plummer was actually in the audience right behind me watching his daughter perform. It took a lot of out me to not go all crazy, I mean really…. Christopher Plummer!

The shows I have on my must see list range from well known shows, to amazing off-Broadway productions. I’m sure some of these aren’t even running anymore, but they’ll be on my list till I die.
– Cats
– Jersey Boys
– Les Miserable (yes I’ve seen the movie, in fact I watch it pretty much every day)
– Catch Me If You Can
– West Side Story
– Chicago
– Hairspray
– Next To Normal
– South Pacific
– The Producers
– Rock of Ages
– The Book of Mormen
– Hedwig and the Angry Inch
– Stomp
– Cabaret
– Avenue Q
– Billy Elliot

That’s just a small list, there’s a LOT more that I can add.  I’d also re-see every show I’ve seen before all over again.  Each time you see it it’s brand new experience, they might be the same songs and music, the the way the actors portray the roles are completely different.  It could be something as simple as a different inflection in their voice, but every actor makes the role their own.

Theatre is an amazing and magical thing to experience and I really do hope that everyone at least takes the time to see one show, it doesn’t have to be a musical, on stage in their lifetime, it’ll be an evening you’ll never forget.


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