Lights Camera Action! Our Favourite Movies

We each tried to come up with a list of our top 5 favorite movies….when that was WAY too hard, we decided to go by genre, which was equally as hard.  We’re sure everyone has seen a number of these, but if you haven’t seen one, we definitely suggest you check it out.  We both have special connections to each movie, which gives them a special place in our lives.

movie reel

Romantic Comedy:

Sarah’s Pick: Love Actually … Let me just start by saying who doesn’t love this movie!  The combination of each separate story, how they’re all connected it’s just perfect. But the opening monologue talking about the phone calls that were made on 9/11 were what really captured my heart.

Bonnie’s Pick: Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist … First off, the cast, I love Kat Dennings and Michael Cera, and they just made this movie amazing. The soundtrack was awesome, and coming from me that is impressive, because I am more of a hard rock kinda girl. I can also watch this movie over and over, and still laugh, and smile at all the jokes I have heard 10 times before.


Sarah’s Pick: Nightmare on Elm Street … Ok so this is going to sound weird, but I’ve always sort of had this fear of this exact thing happening in my life.  Everyone’s had dreams that they wish could come true… but seriously what if they actually effected you when you’re awake.  How freaky would that be!  Let’s face it, movies from the 80s worst acting ever…. but for some reason we keep watching them over and over and over again, so obviously they did something right.

Bonnie’s Pick: Dawn of the Dead … I love this movie, because it is realistic, where do people go when the world comes to an end? The Mall! It would have everything you need to survive just a little longer than the rest of the world. The original was just so far ahead of its time when it came to this distopian society that it became a cult classic. So much so that they remade it almost 26 years later, and made it just as creepy, and realistic. I love both versions just as much as the other, which I cannot say about a lot of movies.

Guilty Pleasure movie:

Sarah and Bonnie’s Pick:
The Three Musketeers (1993 version) … Where do we even start? I think the only thing we can say about it is, if you haven’t seen it…. go watch it right now!

(The cast, the humor and THE SONG)


Sarah’s Pick: Phantom of the Opera tied with Les Miserable … Phantom has been my favourite stage production since I was little and the movie captured everything so well.  My love affair with Les Miserable is a fairly recent one, I’m sad to say I have yet to see it on stage but the next time it’s anywhere close to me I’ll be jumping to buy tickets as soon as they’re available. Both shows are just large productions but they were done so perfectly.  The music, the songs, the casts, the outfits, everything in each of them are just so amazing and pull you in from the very beginning.

Bonnie’s Pick: Singing in the Rain tied with Rent …I have memories attached to both these movies. Singing in the Rain was one of the first musicals I had ever seen, and it was with my Grandfather who meant the world to me, and introduced me to my love of music. Rent, having performed it in high school in my show choir, around England, United States and Canada was an experience I will never forget, and being able to see the stage production come to life was just something else. Not to mention, the amazing music from both, and the dancing in Singing in the Rain is just phenomenal.


Sarah’s Pick: Step Brothers … In my opinion it’s not a good movie in any sense. But you can’t help but laugh your head off when watching it.  It also helps that this was the first movie my now hubby and I watched together on our first date. So it has sentimental value to it….never thought I’d say that about a Will Ferrell movie.

Bonnie’s Pick: Dogma and Clerks II … This girl is a Kevin Smith fan girl. If you don’t know who he is, I would pick Dogma to watch first, if you are not into crude humor he isn’t for you. I can still laugh at both these movies years after seeing them for the first time. And that is an amazing quality for a movie today. And ironically, my boyfriend and I watched Clerks II on our first date as well.


Sarah’s Pick: Scoop … I can’t quite pinpoint why I love this movie.  But when people ask me for a suggestion for a movie this is the first one I seem to mention.  It’s not a typical “go-to” movie, which is probably why I like it so much, not that many people have actually seen it, even though it has a star studded cast (Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman).

Bonnie’s Pick: Closer …HEART WRENCHING MOVIE! If you want to cry, watch this movie! I can only re-watch this movie every few years, unlike most other movies. I just bawl my eyes out, and have the entire weight of the movie crash over me. And the song Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice…..OMG! I hear that song now, and it brings a tear to my eyes just thinking about the movie. I am hoping I am not deterring you from watching it, as it isn’t a well known movie, because the acting, and the story line are amazing.

Book to Movie:

Sarah’s Pick: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban … This was my favorite book out of the series, and it translated so well to the screen and easily became my favorite film of the series.  I loved everything about the book, it’s got the dark side to it, and the “secondary” characters (Lupin, Sirius) became my favorite characters in the whole series.

Bonnie Pick: The Stand …Now this is a bit of a cheat, as it was a made for TV movie that spanned 4 “episodes”, but this movie created my love for Gary Sinise, and also creeped me out, I also think it began my love for the dystopian genre that I love today.


Sarah’s Pick: Superman … This movie hold a huge piece of my heart.  It’s only been a major part of my life for the past 4 and a half years.  It has an extra sentimental meaning to my husband.  When he was in a bad 4-wheeling accident as a teenager, it was these movies that got him through his recovery.  And for those that know me can understand the extra special meaning, my son’s name is Clark.  These movies and the importance they hold in my husbands life are why we picked that name.

Bonnie’s Pick: Serenity … “Can’t Stop the Signal” Again, a movie I can watch over and over and over. This movie finished up the Firefly TV show, that was left hanging when Fox canceled it. Taking us into the “verse” one more time, to tie up loose ends of the TV series. This movie has a huge following, as well as a noted past, as it was funded by fans. I am pretty sure I can recite the entire movie to you if need be, as well as the bloopers *some of the best bloopers in the world are on this DVD*, and I will never get bored with it. Joss Whedon, made it his, by doing something I don’t think I will ever get over, but makes perfect sense when you think about it. If you want to check this movie out, and haven’t seen the TV show, you do not NEED too, but I would recommend it.


Sarah’s Pick: The Lion King … I love everything about The Lion King, the music, the characters, the cute little love story, the betrayal.  I loved it as a kid, and I love it even more now after the internet got a hold of it because there have been comparisons between it and Hamlet.  I love Shakespeare and Hamlet in particular so that connection just makes it even better.  I love this show so much that my son’s crib bedding was Lion King, he’s still very attached to his Simba blanket, sleeps with it every night and takes it everywhere.

 Bonnie’s Pick: Aladdin … Like Rent, I preformed this with the choir, so the music is very dear to my heart. But the cartoon it’s self was amazing. Robin Williams playing Genie was ingenious, and not a better character was made for him. As well as just like Sarah, Aladdin has been compared with Othello, my all time favorite  Shakespeare play.

Cannot wait for it to come out:

Sarah’s Pick: Captain America: The Winter Soldier … Comics is a huge part of my hubby’s life, so they’ve become a big part of mine (oh  the things we do for those we love).  However, I loved the first Captain America movie, for more reasons than Chris Evans is gorgeous.  But knowing some of the back story to this movie has me really excited about it.  I’ve loved every movie in the Marvel franchise, and I have no doubt that this one will be just as amazing.

Bonnie’s Pick: Veronica Mars …EEEEEEEEKKK! I cannot wait for this to come out next week. I contributed to the Kickstarter to have this movie come out. I was a giant fan of the show, unfortunately I didn’t get to see all of it until the WB cancelled it. My boyfriend got me the seasons as a present after a particularly hard week at work one year, and I can be found watching the seasons once a year, around this time.

Honorable Mention (Or as Sarah put it, Our Lives Would Not Be Complete Without These Movies):

~ 10 Things I Hate About You
~ A Knight’s Tale (it still breaks our hearts when we think about this movie and Heath Ledger, and honestly it could top Sarah’s list of all time favourites ever)
~ Almost Famous (The Tiny Dancer scene is just amazing!!)
~ Dead Poet’s Society
~ Italian Job (remake)
~ Match Point
~ Footloose
~ Dirty Dancing
~ Grease
~ The Wedding Planner (Sarah watched this as a teen, and it’s what started her love affair with wedding and party planning, which I why she’s now taking the steps to making it happen and starting her own business in a couple years)
~ Beauty and the Beast
~ Pirates of the Caribbean
~ Moulin Rouge
~ Toy Story
~ Finding Nemo
~ Reservoir Dogs
~ Usual Suspects
~ Gremlins
~ Star Wars (Sarah and I would be shot if we didn’t mention these movies)

So, these are our top picks for some of the many different genres out there for movies. We hope we introduced you to some new movies, and or reminded you about some old favorites!


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