Housewife Confessions!

As “housewives” we have to deal with a lot.  From cooking, cleaning, raising kids, or working full time, it’s hard to find time for anything.  Each month well share some of our secrets, whether it’s things we absolutely hate or have trouble with, or the secret tips and tricks we have to get everything done.


Bonnie’s Confessions

I have to say one of my biggest flaws as a housewife is getting motivated to do things around the house after work. I work a 10 hour day on a regular basis, and as the administrative assistant/accountant/HR person for my business I do work more than that after I get home. I can’t tell you how many times Sarah and I will be talking on line, and I admit I have more work I have to do, at 10PM at night.
What I need is a system to help me get through the chores I want to do. I want to be an awesome housewife for my guy, but at the same time, I want to be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.
I’ve begun a routine, in which the second I get home, I put on the timer before I do anything. I have set it for 15 minutes, and in that 15 minutes I get the most pressing things done. One of those pressing things is sweeping. (I have a long and a short haired cat, and I swear they shed enough to make another 5 cats between them.)
This seems to be working for now, as I am satisfied with the results it is giving, but at the same time, I want my house to be clean and presentable.
I find that if I make a cleaning schedule, that things either get over looked, or I still avoid the things I hate doing (like the bathtub). We have a schedule for laundry, and for meals, I don’t understand why a cleaning schedule doesn’t work for us, but it doesn’t.

Another problem I have is CLUTTER! I hate to say this but my mom was one of those women who just let things sit where they sat, and not had a home. There are days when I want my house organized to the letter, but then there are others where I couldn’t give a damn about the sock in the middle of the living room, that neither my boyfriend nor I seem to want to claim as ours. (Mind you the cats love chasing them around the house, so that also might be a part of that lone sock). Much like the motivation thing, I want to get this under control, and these two kind of go hand in hand, as if I had the motivation, I would clean up the clutter! I haven’t found a solid solution for the clutter other than throwing things out. But I have kept them for a reason, and that is the problem I can talk myself out of throwing anything out, with even a little bit of sentimental value.
Just to give you an example: LOOK at my cookbook collection, and that is only about half of it. Have I cracked a single one open in the last year? No. But a lot of these were gifts, and I don’t have the heart to give them to good will.


So that is my portion of our confessions, something a little different. If you enjoyed this post let us know in the comments, or give us some ideas on how we can change the things in our lives that seem to annoy us the most.

Sarah’s Confessions

There are quite a few things I hate about being a “housewife”.  I don’t want to ever be considered to be the women that walks around her house with her hair and make up done, looking fancy with an apron around her waist, while her perfectly pleasant children sit quietly reading a book in the corner.

My house is more often than not clean, at least there are no toys scattered on the floor (at least not in the living room).  I always sweep up or run the vacuum through the house after my son has gone to bed, get the dishes done, and put everything away to prepare the house for the chaos that will ensue the next day.  However, if you give me an hours notice that you’re coming to visit, I spring in to action and you’ll see a completely spotless house when you get here.  Ask anyone that has been in my house, it’s never messy when they see it.  That being said my worst habit comes with laundry and dirty dishes on the weekend.

I don’t mind doing laundry, it takes so very little effort it’s hard to complain about. Until it comes time to fold it all. I DESPISE folding laundry, I’ve always hated it.  It doesn’t help that I can spend half an hour folding all of my husbands t-shirts, and matching up his socks just for him to undo all the work I’ve put into it by pulling out the shirt at the very bottom of the pile.  I swear, my husband has  good 15 shirts in his drawer…. but he only ever wears the same 7 shirts. That’s my biggest pet peeve ever! We spend the money on all these shirts and he never wears them.  So with my absolutely hatred of folding clothes all our clean clothes tend to sit in the basket waiting to be cleaned…luckily nothing we own needs to be ironed.  This summer we’re finally going to put up a clothesline, so hopefully that will motivate me to fold everything.

Next thing is dishes.  I do dishes every night all week long, that’s never a problem.  But come the weekend we usually eat out or at a family members house for dinner, so we don’t make a lot of dishes on the weekend, but we still have a pretty good pile by the end of the weekend.  It’s not that I can’t do them, it’s just after a whole week of doing them while my husband is working, I sort of hold out hope that he’ll do his part and take a turn at them on the weekends, just like waking up with our son on weekends…neither of which I’ll hold my breath for.  I think the best way for me to overcome this problem, is to  just eat at home more on the weekends, that way I actually have a decent amount of dishes in the sink at the end of each day to the point where if I left them for 3 days we’d run out of dishes.


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