Best Way To Kick The Cold Bug

Cold and flu season is well underway, and it seems my little man is ALWAYS getting sick. Sometimes his colds hit harder than others, but either way it’s always a tough run when he’s sick.  We’ve gotten really lucky in that when he’s sick he does lose his energy, he still acts like himself, just sometimes he doesn’t eat which is where the real trouble comes in.  So instead of giving tips on how to help get over a cold, lets try to avoid it all together.


Here’s a few tricks to help avoid the cold bug before it gets to you.

1. Wash you hands! Let’s face it when you’re out and about there’s germs all around you.  So keeping your hands nice and clean will help prevent developing anything.

2. Keep active! There have been studies that show that when you’re active and exercising that you are less likely to get sick (or at least not get sick as often).  This is because when you’re active you’re body is boosting the circulation of those cold-fighting cells.

3.  Sleep! Get plenty of rest. After you’ve boost you’re circulation with all your exercise, let you body rest so it can just focus on fighting off all the nasty stuff that makes you sick. (If you’re kids are anything like my son, good luck trying to convince him that sleep is a good thing for him when he’s sick.  I tried that on him the other day when I wanted him to go to bed early… didn’t work so well.)

4. Keep your hands away from your face! Your nose, mouth, and eyes are the most common way for colds to work in to your body.  So try to keep hands away, as much as you wash your hands, it’s still possible to pick up germs.  Make sure you and your kids aren’t sharing things that could pass on a virus as well, like straws and cups.

5. Eat healthy and stay hydrated!  This is the one that I’m struggling with the most, so that means I’ll be starting my son on multi-vitamins.  When you’re sick it’s best to boost your intake of Vitamin C (broccoli, strawberries, oranges) and Vitamin D (tuna, fortified milk,  cereal).  Also try to take lots of probiotics, these are very commonly found in yogurt.  Don’t forget to keep the fluids in you. It’ll help wash out all the yucky stuff in your body.  Eating well and keeping hydrated will help cleanse your body of anything that may find it’s way in.

6. Avoid the sick! This one might seem like a no-brainer, but just because you know it makes sense, doesn’t mean everyone else gets it.  If you know of someone that has a cold just politely pass on getting together while they are sick, and at the same time if you’re sick avoid seeing people.  The best way to not get sick is to avoid the spread of germs, so do your best to keep your distance.

The other thing I do once I know we’ve kicked the cold bug is all bedding and stuffed animals get thrown in the washer to make sure they don’t have any residual germs leftover.  I also try to put on clean sheets if it seems like colds are tending to linger.

Hope these tips help you get through the rest of the season with a few colds as possible. Stay warm and stay healthy!


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