2014 — What are you changing this year?

2014 is working up to be a great year with new and exciting opportunities coming our way. With that being said, both Sarah and I have come up with a few goals we have set for ourselves, personally and professionally.  Sarah and I will come back and visit and respond to this post throughout the year, and see where be both are in these goals, and what we are doing to make them happen.


Bonnie’s Personal Goals:

1)      Read at least 25 NEW books before summer.

2)      Spend at least one night a week crafting and making things for a future Etsy shop I hope to open.

3)      Get a good enough product base to sell things, and open an Etsy shop.

4)      Re-do my resume, and attempt to get the courage to send it out.

5)      Save at least $2000.00. (Not for anything specific.)

Bonnie’s Blog Goals:

1)      Come up with a blog plan for posting, pre-planning posts.

2)      Find our niche, what the best road is for Sarah and I to take this blog down.

3)      Add more pictures to our posts.

4)      Create a social media fan base.

5)      Add a crafting post once a month, to show where I am in this venture of mine.

Sarah’s Personal Goals

1) Do more as a family (Over the past 2 years I’ve been so busy planning my friends wedding as well as my own wedding, we didn’t get much time together focus on us)

2) Try (at least) one new recipes a week.  My husband is lucky enough to get a different meal each day, but we’ve been getting tired of our rotation, so it’s time to start spicing things up.

3) Part-time job.  This one might seem odd because how much I love being at home with my bubs, but while planning my wedding I fell in love with the staff at our venue and they’ve all told me I need to join their family, so once wedding season gets in to full swing again, the plan is to help other lovely brides plan their big day.

4) Make more time for the hubby. Dedicate at least one afternoon/evening to date night with the hubby.

5) Attend our friends wedding in Punta Cana (this might not seem like a big deal but my husband and I have never been away together, so not only would we get to celebrate with our friends, but we’d be able to have a honeymoon as well)

Sarah’s Blog Goals

1) Start another series of posts (like when I was wedding planning).

2) Define my identity as a writer.

3)  Do more posts that can reach more people, instead of just focusing on what I do in my life write about what others can do.

4) Make connections with other blog(ger)s to help promote our own page.

5) Post more! One post a week won’t get us any where, time to put more out there!


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