Ringing in the New Year!

The start of a new year is definitely something to celebrate.  It’s also something you can spread out over a couple of days. There’s always the fun, glitzy New Year’s Eve parties.  But why not take advantage of the holiday day off and celebrate New Year’s Day as well!

Celebrating New Years Eve!

Ringing in the New Year is almost always a chilled out aspect compared to Christmas in my group of friends. We usually get together late afternoon and party into the night.

Here are a few ideas for you to use when planning your party this year.

– Pot luck is your friend, when inviting everyone: make sure that you plan out who is brining what, and cover all your bases. (apps, main, sides and dessert) Proper procedure is, whoever is throwing the party makes the main dish, but these days I wouldn’t worry too much about that. IF you are the baker of your group proclaim the dessert on the invitations just make sure your guests now that it is being made.

–          Keep the guest list small. If you are hosting this at your place, don’t invite everyone under the sun, just keep it casual. There is no need to make it a giant ordeal, one week after Christmas

–          Pick up some decorations, and even noise makers. It makes the year ending a little more festive that you would think. A lot of people like to leave the year behind, and celebrate it leaving; even the most reserved of your friends will throw some streamers, and use the noise makers once the ball drops.

– Usually your NYE party lasts a little longer than most parties, so party games are an awesome thing to keep your guests from getting bored.

–          Pick a theme, and stick with it. There are a ton of different ideas on the internet, pick something that isn’t done very often to keep the interest in your guests.

–          My favourite tip before any party is to take a half an hour before your guests arrive and relax. Have a cocktail enjoy the silence before the chaos ensues.

–          And lastly, be safe, if you are providing the alcohol; make sure that everyone has a safe ride home, and even if you are not. NYE is one of the deadliest nights, when it comes to drinking and driving. Make sure all your guests are safe.

Enjoy the night, and make 2014 one of the best years of your life!!

Celebrating on New Years Day!

Being a mom of a young kid, going out for New Year’s Eve is a bit out of question, not that we can’t get a babysitter and go out we just aren’t the partying type.  But seeing as we like to celebrate everything with our son, and our nieces and nephew, we’re going to give a New Year’s Day Kids party a try.  Just because they are too young to stay up to watch the clock and calendar turn over doesn’t mean they still can’t have some fun.

The plan is to have a bunch of paper bags decorated with a clock face, and a time set for each hour, you could either do just one bag per hour, or put the supplies for activities in the bags for each child.  Inside each bag will be a new activity to do, whether it’s do a craft, paint a picture, play a game, watch a movie, just a huge variety of things.  You can make the party last as long or as short as you like.  My plan is to have the kids all get together just a bit before lunch time, then we’ll have tons of time to do a bunch of fun stuff.  Then we’ll finish off the day with a nice dinner, all the kids and parents together.

new years fun(Picture courtesy of The Dance Five Blog)


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