Stocking Stuffer Suggestions!

Christmas is 3 weeks away…. AHHH!! If you do stockings are completely stuck on what should go in them, here’s a few suggestions for different types of people!

Stocking Stuffer Suggestion Lists!

The Filler Stocking:
– Coffee shop gift cards
– Coffee (Starbucks VIA, Kurig, Tassimo)
– Chocolate, gum, candy
– Soap, shampoo, razors, shaving cream
– Lotion, lip gloss/chap stick
– A mini flash light
– Deck of cards
– Small bottles of liquor, beer, or spirits (Ice wine comes in a 3 pack of tiny flavours which is perfect for the price)
– iTunes, Kobo, Xbox gift cards

The “Foodie” Stocking:
– A small bottle of olive oil
– Measuring cups
– Tea spoons
– Small bottles of wine
– Recipe index cards
– Food magazine subscription
– Sample sized spice packets
– Specific ingredient they like to use but either can’t find easily, or wouldn’t buy for themselves

The “Baker” Stocking:
– Oven Mitt (which could be used as the stocking itself)
– Wooden spoons
– Sspatula
– cake mix
– whisk
– measuring cups
– vanilla extract
– cupcake liners
– recipe cards/book
– cookie cutters
– 6 spot muffin tin (depending on size of stocking, or just attach to the outside with ribbon)
– decorating essentials (eg. sprinkles, food colouring, piping bags and tips

The “Geeky” Stocking:
– Dice
– Batteries
– Hand held video games
– USB pen
– Magic booster pack (or other trading cards)
– Video game controller or headset

The “Manly” Stocking:
– Socks
– Underwear
– Razors
– Shave cream
– Deodorant
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Pocketknife
– Sport-related item (eg. golf balls, batting glove, baseball)
– Favourite candy
– Tools (eg. screwdrivers, wrenches, tape measure)
– Pens, paper, notepads
– Bungie cords
– “Coupon book” (I’m sure you’ve all heard about the intimate ones, but we aim for the things we can share with other people, date night of their choice, favourite home cooked meal, favourite dessert)
– Mixed “tape” or pre-made playlist
– Scarf, hat, gloves
– Comic book
– Word search, crosswords, Sudoku
– Ticket to sporting event or concert (this depends on your overall budget, because this could be you main gift)

The “Lady” Stocking:
– Candles (let’s face it, every woman loves candles, and who knows maybe she’ll put them to use for a nice romantic evening with you)
– Bubble bath
– Book
– Bottle of wine
– Gift card for make up
– Perfume
– A booked massage
– Fashion Scarf
– Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
– Notebooks, day planner
– Craft supplies
– Jewellery (doesn’t have to be diamonds and pearls)
– Hair supplies (eg. hairspray, elastics, bobby pins)
– Nail supplies (eg. polish, top coat, files)


Next Week: Favourite Holiday Recipes

Following week: Our Favourite Holiday Movies


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