Our Favourite Christmas Recipes

Food is an important part of the holidays.  It’s one of the most anticipated meals of the whole year.  Here’s a few of our favourite holiday dishes to inspire you to try something new this year.

Sarah’s Favourite Christmas Recipes!
I made this for Thanksgiving this year and it was a huge hit. It’s so tasty! And you can always change it up, add some spice, or change it up completely (I tried a pizza one that turned out fantastic too).  My picture looks a little over cooked.  I cooked it on the middle rack but my oven cooks hot so after this I dropped the rack by one setting and now everything comes out golden and crispy!
Chicken and Broccoli Wreath

Christmas Appetizer

My husband and I have been doing this style of turkey for the past couple years.  It only takes a few hours to cook (even for a huge bird) and is always so juicy and delicious.  The key, don’t fill with dressing, just put veggies in.  Without the dressing it will cook faster because it doesn’t have the “insulation” of the bread, and filling it with veggies that hold a lot of water helps keep it nice and moist.  Also, cook breast down! That way all the juice stays in the meat.
No Dressing Turkey Recipe

This is the dessert that I’m making this year for my annual Gatenby Family Christmas (my dad’s family). They’re nothing better that a warm apple pie….oh wait there is! Bite sized apple pie!!!  It’s so easy and takes no time as all.  The hardest part will be getting the crescent roll tube open.
Bite Sized Apple Pie

Favourite Cookie Recipe
My mom has made these cookies at Christmas time for as long as I could remember, she’d add some vanilla extract to give it a bit more flavour for the holidays.  Instead of coating them in powder sugar afterwards, she would just top them with red or green icing and sprinkle coconut shavings on top.
Snowball Cookies

Bonnie’s Favourite Christmas Recipes!
Pizza Bomba’s  from Jamie at Home cook book is my biggest hit when it comes to bringing an appetizer. My variations are as follows. Use Pillsbury Crescent rolls,  instead of making your own pizza dough when in a pinch, be inventive when it comes to your fillings it does not just have to be just sauce and cheese. And bake when you have the time instead of fry, to make these a little on the healthier side. Also, when they are done baking cut them up so you can stretch them a little further.
Pizza Bomba’s

So last year, I was hosting our “Pre-Christmas dinner” with my boyfriend, and my Mother, and I wanted something easy, but tasty. So I found this wonderful recipe, from Martha Stewart, Roast Pork Loin with Pancetta and Sage. It was “Christmasy” with the taste of sage, and the pancetta baked around the pork made it look a little like a ‘Bouche Noel’. With mashed roasted potatoes and roasted veggies (all of which you can do in the same pan) it makes for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner.
Roast Pork with Pancetta and Sage

BREAD PUDDING! Christmas is the only time of year, that I usually have bread pudding. There is something warm and sweet, and special about the taste of the many different ways one can make this classic. (Not just for dessert, you can also find a bunch of savory versions out there, I have tried a few but I prefer it for dessert.)

Maple Pecan, and or Chocolate are my two favorites, My personal twist, is that I use croissants, instead of actual bread, making it a lot more rich for dessert. Also, there is nothing like using the Maple Syrup that you have collected yourself, in you’re In Laws maple orchard.
Martha’s Maple Pecan Bread Pudding.

Favorite Cookie Recipe
In my world it is not Christmas without shortbread cookies. The recipe is so basic, and so easy that even I, the person who cannot bake to save her life can make them. I like them with a little jam, or even chocolate drizzle on top.

I love this recipe, and idea of squares, not rounds.
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Following Week: How To Organize Your Time And See ALL Your Family Over The Holidays


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