We Did! The Aftermath of Getting Married.

Well my wedding was almost 2 weeks ago and now my house is a complete mess of empty boxes, wrapping paper, and wedding gifts.


 The whole day sort of happened in a blur but it was fantastic.  It rained most of the day, but we still had a beautiful ceremony, and snuck outside for a few pictures in the freezing cold (thank God for fur wraps!)  In a couple weeks, after we get our pictures back, I’ll share some ideas of what to do with the new endless amounts of pictures that will overwhelm my house.

Now the next phase is to get my house back in a liveable mode.  We’re working on our second week of a full recycle box of cardboard, and there’s still more after that.  So not only do we have to find space for all the garbage associated with wedding presents, but we also have to deal with the wedding presents themselves.

So after we ripped in to everything my control freak side of me came out. Instead of just leaving it all in one big pile I had to start sorting everything.  I had so many piles it was a little over kill, luckily my lovely new husband is used to it so he just smiled and let me do my thing.  Here’s an idea of what piles took over my living room floor.  (You’ll wish it was as simple as bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.)

– Bathroom general (bathmat, shower curtain)
– Bathroom towels (two sets of different designs that work great in the bathroom)
– Bathroom accessories (hand soap)
– Kitchenware
– Bake ware
– Dining ware (serving dishes, dishes, and utensils)
– Kitchen towels (dish clothes and drying towels)
– Bedroom décor
– Bedroom general (sheets, duvet cover)
– Furniture (a storage bench, and TV trays)
– Misc gifts (picture frames, home décor, scrapbook etc.)
– Money and gift cards

Yes I am aware that it’s all a little excessive, but it helps me get things all figure out as to what I’m going to do with it all, as well as what needs to be washed before being used.

We had quite a bit of rearranging to do in the house to fit everything, and we even still have to buy a couple things so we have somewhere to display certain things.  There were a lot of things that just replaced old things.  The other thing we had to sort out was where to store to “out of season” gifts, like a cold drink dispenser set.

Now I’m moving on to the task of writing up and getting out those pesky thank you cards.  That too had multiple lists to figure out which ones would be written up first.  The cards that have to travel the farthest will be the ones to get sent out first.  But we’ll be waiting till we get our pictures back so that we can include one for all the amazing people that took the time to join us.

– Out of town friends
– In town friends/co-workers
– Out of town family
– In town family

The whole experience has been pretty surreal.  Plenty of people have asked me if I feel any different now that I’m married. The answer… No. We have been together for 4 years and lived together for almost 4 years already, as well as having an amazing little boy together.  We’ve been “married” for years, we just needed to sign that little paper to make it official.  When we first met we knew we’d end up married with kids, so it was just a matter of finding the time and money to do it.



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