Getting Ready for Christmas – Early Planning Stages

                While Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays, as mid-October hits I begin to think about Christmas. I do not allow myself to get excited until about the end of November when American Thanksgiving comes around, but I do begin to plan things out a little earlier than most.

                I have spent Decembers going crazy attempting to get everything in order because I do not have the time to do everything on my list. Therefore I have learned over the years that early preparation is the key.

                Believe it or not, I have already started shopping! I have found some things at the Con that we went to this past summer that would be perfect gifts for my youngest sister in law, and my oldest nephew.

                To get ready for Christmas, I make quite a few lists (big surprise). Sarah can contest that my Christmas binder is quite extensive, and scary, but it makes me feel like I am in control of an un-controllable situation.

Some of the lists I have in my binder:  

–          A list of events (Christmas parties, gatherings, and other things) and a corresponding calendar to go with it to keep track.

–          Wish lists (for myself, my boyfriend, and the people we buy gifts for)

–          My budget

–          Shopping list (food, decorations, and supplies i.e. gift wrap and cards)

–          Christmas Cards (addresses, sent, and who sent us cards last year)

–          Sales and stores I want to shop in

–          Online shopping tracking

–           Party planning (Guest lists, food lists, activities)

–          Stocking Stuffers

–          Menu plans (for parties)

I don’t make all my lists right away, but the most important one is the budget. I want to know how much money I need to save and put aside. I also keep track of sales, and keep an eye on my favorite websites to know when they might have the things I want drop in price or free shipping.

One other thing I do begin this early is my December Daily (A scrapbook of every day in December). I decorate the binder, and plan out my photography ideas. This way, I don’t have to worry about spending hours in my craft room making the scrapbook until after I get the photos printed in December.


Next week, we will talk budget, how to get it started, and how to stick to it.

Have a great week, and Happy Early Halloween!!!


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