So You’re Getting Married….What Now? Part 5!

Let the music play!

Music plays a big part in setting the mood for the whole day.  When your guests arrive you don’t want them to sit around in silence so it’s definitely a good idea to have a band, or the DJ, arrive before your guests so they’ll have music to listen to as they’re being seated and waiting for everything to get underway.  This is the best time to set the mood, and also the easiest way to bring personal touches into a formal affair.

However, you have to be careful when picking your music.  You may have a few favourite songs, but pay close attention to the lyrics when listening to them (or cheat and just look them up).  You don’t want what you think is a beautiful song, to actually be about something dark and depressing, it’s certainly not something you want to hear at a wedding.

When it comes to specific moments during your wedding that call for music, definitely pick songs that are meaningful to you and your fiancé.  It will help you connect to each moment, as well as take your guests on a journey through your relationship over the course of the day.

Music was the one thing I didn’t think would be as hard as it has been.  It hasn’t been a matter of finding songs for the important moments, it’s been a matter of finding music for all the moments that need music.  Here’s a list of all the different times that music is used, or can be used.

–          Seating of the guests

–          Seating of the mothers (this signifies the beginning of the ceremony to the rest of the guests)

–          Processional of bridesmaids and bride (this can either be one song to last everyone, or two songs one for the bridesmaids and another specifically for the Bride)

–          Signing of the registry

–          Recessional

–          Cocktail hour (usually the band or DJ can handle this on their own)

–          Entrance of wedding party to reception

–          Entrance of Bride and Groom to reception

–          First Dance

–          Father/Daughter dance

–          Mother/Son dance

–          Cake Cutting

–          Bouquet Toss

–          Garter Toss

–          Last song of the night

Here’s a couple links if you’re having trouble picking songs.

Top Wedding Music Picks for 2013

Unexpected Parent Dance Songs


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