So You’re Getting Married….What now? Part 4!

Smile for the camera!

Your wedding pictures are a pretty big deal, they’re what you will have to look back on to remember one of the happiest days of your life.  With how important photography is to me, my fiancé knew that I wouldn’t be cheaping out on the photographer.  I looked at so many different portfolios and emailed so many different people for quotes that they all started to just mesh together.  But then I found our wedding photographer, she had actually just recently photographed a friend’s wedding so I was able to hound her with questions about the photographer.  After talking with my friend, emailing back and forth with the photographer, checking out her portfolio I knew that she was the one I wanted to capture our perfect day.  The best part is that our photographer wants to collaborate on pictures ideas with me, she told me email her any time and as many times as I want to make sure that our (let’s face it, my) vision comes to life.

Every seasoned wedding photographer knows that basic list of shots that need to be taken.  But here is a couple links to a bigger checklist of “must have” wedding pictures.

Aggie Photo Art

Bridal Guide “50 New Must Have Photos with Your Groom”:

Bridal Guide “30 Fun Bridal Party Photos”

On top of these you will also have to provide your family photographer with the list of “formal pictures” that you want taken, these are the family pictures that are taken following the ceremony.  This was the template I created for myself to get the list of family pictures ready for my photographer.

–          Bride/Groom (as well as both) with children (for us that means our son, but we’ll also have pictures with our ring bearer and flower girl who are our nephew and niece)

–          Bride/Groom with parents

–          Bride/Groom with sibling(s)

–          Bride/Groom with parents and siblings

–          Bride/Groom with grandparents

–          Bride/Groom with parents and grandparents

–          Bride/Groom with parents, siblings, significant others and children

–          Bride & Groom with Bride’s parents

–          Bride & Groom with Bride’s grandparents

–          Bride & Groom with Bride’s parents, siblings, significant others and children

–          Bride & Groom with Groom’s parents

–          Bride & Groom with Groom’s grandparents

–          Bride & Groom with Groom’s parents, siblings, significant others and children

–          Bride & Groom with Bride’s parents and Groom’s parents

–          Wedding Party separates with significant others and children (our wedding party consists of two couples, and two siblings who have their own families and significant others and such so it’s always nice to get a picture all dressed up)


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