So you’re getting married…What now? Part One!

As every bride can tell you, wedding planning is a time consuming and stressful time in their lives.  But in the end it’s completely worth every moment and every penny spent.

The every penny spent is the hardest.  How do all the women put together the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank?  That’s where my dilemma came in.  I’ve always had a specific vision of what I wanted on my wedding day, and so does my fiancé.  The only problem… we’re a single income home so we can’t go spending thousands of dollars on whatever we want, we were on a tight budget.

The one thing I never thought I’d have to accommodate were huge changes to our plans.  Such as having to find a new venue.  The original venue we had picked (that had a beautiful reception hall looking out over the water) decided to tell me a month after we booked that they don’t host ceremonies on site.  With guests coming from out of town, having two locations just wasn’t going to work for us.  So I had to frantically find a new venue.  I had always heard such amazing things about one local venue, so I took a shot in the dark to see what the prices were to get married there.  I was beyond shocked when I found out that it was really reasonably priced as well as being all inclusive.  Those are key words when it comes to wedding planning, all inclusive, but I’ll get in to that later.  After we crunched the numbers we knew we’d have to bump our budget up a bit, and cut back on certain aspects, but we knew we’d be able to make it work.  So that is how within a week of losing our original venue, I found us a new place that will be easier to find for our out of town guests, as well as give up the option of having the outdoor ceremony we’ve always wanted, provided the weather co-operates, being the beginning on November you never know what will happen.

With the new budget it meant that we actually had to do less.  This is where my new love for the words all inclusive have come in.  For us, that meant that set up, linens, food, centrepieces, a bar stocked with premium grade alcohol (that part is key for us we have a lot of drinkers in our families and who wants crappy alcohol), a few other small details, and clean up.  I said food in the list, but that’s just a brief overview there’s SO much food. We’re going to have a cocktail hour served after the ceremony, a 4 course buffet dinner, as well as a late night buffet.  Let me tell you, food is one of the most important things at a wedding, when people talk about your wedding later they’ll talk about 3 things, how beautiful the bride is, how nice the ceremony is, and how good the food was.

There are so many different checklists that you can follow to get your through the planning process.  I checked a couple and matched them together, however I did all my planning really early so that I’d be able to focus all summer on spending time with the family. Now we’re 2 months out and it’s just the small details to get wrapped up.  I just need to finish the favours, get all the alteration appointments booked, get our marriage license, and finalize all the details with all of our vendors.

Here are a couple links to the checklists that I went through and found the most useful during my planning process.

Digby & Rose: Complete Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist

Dolly Levi’s Event Design Studio


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