The Countdown is On!

Summer is over, and I have some planning to do. There are 40 days until Canadian Thanksgiving, 57 to Halloween, 59 days until Sarah’s wedding, 112 days till Christmas and 117 till New Year’s Eve. These are the five major things I have coming up, and have to plan for.


This is my Mother-In Law’s holiday; she and her best friend have been trading off on hosting thanksgiving for over 20 years. This year it is local, at my MIL’s, which makes Pete’s and my life a bit easier. I usually make a bunch of appetizers, and a late night snack for the weekend. We usually have a game night after the kiddies have gone to bed.  This year I have taken on making place setting name tags for everyone. Once I have the final design I will share it with everyone here. As well as the recipes I pick for the big weekend.



My ALL time favorite holiday. I love Halloween, the scary movies, the trick or treating, and the decorations.  I usually sit outside under a blanket with a hot tea or hot chocolate handing out candy!


Sarah’s wedding:

This, I am just looking forward to. We have to travel out of town for it, so it is a mini vacation. I also get to spend time with my sister and her family whom I do NOT get to see very often, and as Sarah and her live in the same town it is going to be a fun weekend.



Now Sarah can contest, that I am a Christmas fanatic.  I have a Christmas binder that helps keep me organized and sane during this festive season. In the month of November I will be detailing how I keep organized, and some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Both Pete and I have blended families so we usually have a packed agenda at Christmas, and this can lead to a lot of stress. My organization is one of the things that helps us stay a little more sane, than we have been in past years.

Want to hear something sick? I have already started shopping!


 New Year’s Eve

This is up in the air right now, but my BFF and I have been attempting to plan a “different” kind of party this year. Once I have more details I will keep you posted.


For the next few weeks Sarah will be posting her adventure in wedding planning. After that, she will be taking a break so she can get ready for her wedding. I will begin posting again, and begin our adventure into Christmas 2013.


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