Packing for vacation

On a five day road trip Pete and I usually share a suitcase. We each pack for ourselves and pack separately, I will not pack for him, and vice versa, except for the bathing suits, those are my responsibility to remember.

I pack the following:
-two skirts (one casual and one dressy)
– six tops with one of them being dressy.
– one pair of jeans or crops
– and the obvious under garments and what not.
– a belt
– makeup
– toiletries
– jewelry case

When traveling I wear a sweater and comfortable clothing. I try and dress in layers just so I can adjust if necessary.

Here are a few pictures of what I have packed.

Yes, I know that is a ton of makeup. But I am doing some girl friends makeup while we are there.

The white side is Pete’s and the black is mine. And those are my toiletries, Pete has his own kit as well.

That’s it for now!!!!

Did I miss anything?



See you on the flip side!
~ Bonnie


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