Travel Series – Part 2

So, what do I do on a 5 hour road trip:
On most of our road trips Pete is the driver so I have to keep myself occupied, so I don’t go insane with boredom or drive Pete nuts.

Here is what I bring with me:
Music: we have satellite radio in our vehicle so I don’t have to make CDs or playlists anymore but I still do! Where Pete is a metal head and I have more eclectic tastes this can make for a bit of a problem. How I solve this – make a 50-50 playlist of his music and mine.
Magazines: I’ve been saving these up. Between fashion and cooking I’ve got 2 I’ve been hoarding since July to read on the road.
iPad and Kindle: I’ve also been loading up both my Kindle and iPad with books, I want to read; and the iPad with some TV shows, and movies that I have been holding off on watching.
Smashbook: I am an avid Smashbooker, as well as scrapbooker, I won’t be doing any layouts or anything on the road as that would be too hard, but I do have some journaling spots, and pictures that I can write about on the iPad, and plan out what I want to do.
Camera: Documenting my trip! I love to annoy Pete in the car with me taking selfies, and pictures of him driving. J
Laptop: I don’t know if I am bringing this, this time, as I will have my iPad and Kindle. But on the 11 hour car ride, it was a god send, when we got bored with the music, or I wanted to get another book or something on the wifi when we stopped and ate.

So this is what I bring with me….

Any suggestions?


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