Planning Children’s Birthday Parties

A child’s birthday party is the best way to celebrate the milestone of growing up.  It’s also the best way to represent all the things your child has come to love over the past year.  I know quite a few people with children that don’t celebrate their children’s birthdays other than with immediate family.  But in my opinion a birthday deserves more excitement.

My son’s first birthday was a pretty big deal, maybe a bit bigger than it needed to be.  It’s not like he’ll remember it when he’s older, other than what we tell him and when she sees pictures.  My son’s obsession at the time was the television show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so it was a no brainer that it would be a pirate party.  I tried to keep things simple, but I made sure the house looked festive, with balloons everywhere and lots of pirate themed decorations.

1st birthday decor

My favourite piece was the cupcake stand that I had stumbled across one day at Home Sense.


This year my son’s birthday party will be based off his favourite movie series, Pixar’s Cars.  It’s going to be a bit toned down from last year but there will still be decorations everywhere and a fancy cake.

I’ve already been trying to come up with ideas for the years to come.  Bonnie made the mistake of sending me the link to another wonderful blog, Kara’s Party Ideas.  She has so many amazing ideas, as well as a shop so you can purchase all the décor she features in her plans.  You definitely need to check her out.

When kids are young, you never need to go overboard with things. So keep your plans and your budget small.  Your kids will have just as much fun in an empty room with friends and family around them, as they would in a room filled to the ceiling with balloons, decorations and toys.

Spend the day celebrating your amazing children and if everything falls apart, it won’t matter, because I guarantee you the smiles on your child’s face and hearing them laughing will be the best part of the day.


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