Travel Series – Part One

Over the next few weeks I will be detailing the things I do to get ready, and my tips and tricks for a five plus hour road tip.

So what we can expect from this series: (In no particular order)

– What to pack (clothes, toiletries, etc.)

– To do lists for before the trip

– Electronics (camera, laptop, tablets etc.)

– What to have in the car – accessibility – How to pack the car


– How to stay healthy on vacation

– Budgeting your vacation

– Taking a vacation with a group of people the Pros and Cons

Part one:

So, I have 15 days until I leave on my 4 day and three night mini vacation. I have begun my list of things to do for the trip before I leave, and things I want to accomplish for and around the house before I leave. I also have my list for work, but that is a whole other story.

I find before a vacation as the time sneaks up on me, if I do not fill my days with things I begin to go a little nuts. So to start off my travel series which is going to be comprised of a bunch of mini posts I will give you my two to do lists for the two upcoming weeks.

For the trip:

  • – Deep clean makeup brushes and sanitize all make up I want to take
  • – Pre-pack all my makeup I want to bring; then be realistic and figure out my basics (for blog – take pics)
  • – Figure out my boredom box (more on this later)
  • – Find my autograph book, clean it out and make any adjustments I want to it
  • – Clean bathing suits for both Pete and I
  • – Clean travel pillow
  • – Make packing list (you will get to see this) and refine it
  • – Clean suitcase(s)
  • – Clean train case (this has been on my to do list for a long time)
  • – Clean the car! (Inside and out)

To get done around the house:

  • – Clean deck furniture
  • – Plan BFF’S b-day party for the 10th
  • – Finish making 3 birthday cards and a note card for grandmother and MIL
  • – Family corn roast on the 17th plan pot luck recipe
  • – Organize kitchen (for blog – take pics)
  • – Organize pantry (for blog – take pics)

~ Bonnie


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