Bonnie’s Weekly Meal Plan August 5th to 11th

Bonnie breakfast:

Greek yogurt with fruit (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

Cranberry blueberry bran muffin (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Pete breakfast: honey nut Cheerios (everyday)


Pete Lunch: meals (he makes his own)

Bonnie Lunch: Salad, or wrap, depending on my mood.


Aug. 5th – Ratatouille Pasta

Aug. 6th – Greek Chicken Burgers

Aug. 7th – Pete Cooks

 Aug. 8th – Pete Cooks (I think this is going to be a takeout night)

Aug. 9th – Filet Mignon (I am making something special for date night)

Aug. 10th – Dinner at my BFF’s place for her birthday. I am making potato salad, and veggie’s and dip

Aug. 11th – Stir Fry with rice


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