Travelling with kids

This upcoming August long weekend, the 4 of us are going on a trip. We aren’t going far, but we still have to pack up most of the house in order to go. My in-laws are going on a trip to celebrate my MIL’s birthday, and they’ve asked us to house sit, dog sit, grandparent sit…your pick. But with this small trip (literally a 25 minute drive from our house) we have to pack our car to the brim to get through the weekend with our son. Travelling with kids is never easy, we’ve done it plenty of times since my son was born since my whole family lives 2.5 hours away. We always thought that the older he got the less things we’d need to bring with us. Boy we were ever wrong! With how attached he is to some of his things it’s impossible to leave the house for the afternoon, let alone a weekend without everything.

 Here’s a brief idea of what exactly it is that we have to bring with us.
– Diapers (god I can’t wait for potty training!)
– Wipes
– Diaper cream
– Pillow, he won’t sleep without HIS pillow, he won’t even sleep in bed with us without it
– Blanket, he’s had some serious attachment issues to his blanket, I think I’ve only be able to pry it from his hands twice to wash it in the past 3 months
– Bed rail, he just recently started sleeping in his big boy bed, and is a mover in his sleep
– Lots of clothes for any type of weather, as well as some good outdoor clothes for when we want to go on the 4-wheeler through the woods behind the house
– Rain boots, running shoes, sandals, water shoes, you never know what we’ll get up to when we’re gone
– His hooded towel for after bath time, however I’m not exactly sure how many baths he’ll get, they no longer have a regular tub, they only have a shower stall and a walk in bath tub that was put in for my fiance’s grandfather who has a hard time walking
– His favourite snacks
– All of his toys, seriously, every single one of them, especially his dinky cars we can’t leave the house without his backpack of cars
– His new 4-wheeler helmet
– Medicine, who knows when those 2 year molars are going to start pushing through, and with our luck he’ll get a cold while we’re gone too.
– Bath time shampoo and soap
– Sippy cups, always bring multiples you never know when one will break and I don’t know a single kid that’s happy with one type of drink all day
– Plastic plates, bowls, and cutlery

 That’s just for Clark! Now how about the big kids.
– Clothes, for all weather, as well as outdoor clothes for on the 4-wheeler
– Toiletries
– Pillows, we’re just as picky as our son about what pillows we sleep with
– Boots (for on the 4-wheeler, these are key we never go on without them due to my fiance’s terrible accident when he was 16), running shoes, sandals, water shoes
– Dog food, Thor needs to eat too and he’s on VERY different food from the dogs that my in-laws have

The good thing about only being 25 minutes away from our house is that we can either make multiple trips to bring everything there and home, or if we realize we’ve forgotten something we can just go and get it.



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