Bonnie’s Weekly Meal Plan (July 29th to Aug. 4th)


Meal Plan:

Through the summer my breakfast and lunch plans can change, due to the heat, and timing for work. So until at least September we shall assume the following:

Bonnie breakfast:

Greek yogurt with fruit (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)

Cranberry blueberry bran muffin (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Pete breakfast: honey nut Cheerios (everyday)


Pete Lunch: meals (he makes his own)

Bonnie Lunch: Salad, or wrap, depending on my mood. Thursday this week will be a burger or hot dog, as it is a part of a large catering we are doing at work.


Dinner’s this week:

This week will be a little different: Pete is going away on business so I must fend for myself.

July 29th Monday: Antipasti

July 30th Tuesday: Chicken, rice and veggies (I plan on making enough for lunch again.)

July 31st Wednesday: Take out (Pete is back from his business trip)

Aug 1st: Both Pete and I will most likely be too tired to cook, so whatever left overs we have will be dinner tonight.

Aug 2nd Friday: Date night – I’m not sure what we are doing yet.

Aug 3rd Saturday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and salad.

Aug 4th Sunday:   BBQ burgers (we might go out as Monday is a holiday, and we tend to go out on Sunday’s when there is a Monday holiday.)


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