How I organize my purse and briefcase for work


I have come up with an organization method for my purse that works really well for me, and for my job. I am an administrative assistant/accountant, for a large company, and work in a basement office. I bring quite a few things with me to work so I can stay organized, and in case of an emergency.

I use small makeup bags which I received from a makeup subscription service which has since gone under, and two large pencil cases.

The things I carry with me are as follows:

Large pencil case one – a note book (for my many lists which I mentioned in my previous post), and any scrap pieces of paper – this way nothing floats around my purse.

Pencil case two – I use as an actual pencil case, for pens, sharpies, pencils, and post it notes. I also carry a letter opener in the front pocket, because I open a lot of mail.

My IPad Mini – this is for a lot of things: My calendar, music, audio books, and to bring to meetings when we organize events.

Pink mini makeup bag – carries my Nikon Coolpix, an extra memory card, and the power adapter. I have to take pictures of a lot of things at work. As well as a wise man once told Sarah and I to always carry a camera; and we have ever since.

Black mini makeup bag – carries my essentials. Kleenex, headphones, lotion, etc. basically anything a girl could want on a daily basis.

Orange mini makeup bag – carries my work ID, work keys, work USB sticks, and my cell phone/mini charger. This specific bag only leaves my purse on weekends or when I am not working. This way, I know where everything is come Monday morning.

I also carry an iHome speaker with me, as well as a 32 gig USB stick with music, and audio books on it that I can play on my computer at work. As I work in an office with just myself and one other who are rarely there, so I can play whatever I want most days.

I of course have the basics, my wallet, keys, and misc. lip gloss/chap stick and nail clippers set that I always carry with me.

purse compartments

These little bags have been so helpful in my organization. I always know what each bag has in it. If someone asks for something like a pencil or lotion, I know to pull out the black case or the pencil case.

purse completed

And Trust me, it all fits!!!



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