A Trip to the Carnival

Last weekend was our city’s annual Waterfront Festival. There are vendors, a midway, and the Ethnic food festival (which is my fiancee’s favourite part). Before we had our son it was a bit easier to wander around the fairgrounds, but it’s so much better now that we get to share it with him. He loves all the lights, sounds and the general atmosphere gets him so excited! He was too young this year to go on any of the rides (even though he was tall enough for some) but he enjoyed watching his cousins.

However, bringing a tiny person to an event like this can also be a bit stressful for new parents because there are so many things you have to remember to have on hand for every possible situation. With the event taking place in the middle of the summer weather is the key player in how to spend your day. Here is a list of all the things we brought with us to make the afternoon a fun and stress-free one.

– Diapers
– Travel-sized wipes case
– Cream
– Bug spray
– Sunscreen
– Bottles of water (we brought 2 and there was a vendor stand giving some out for free, we took about 4 bottles from them)
– Sippy cup of juice and water for the wee man
– Small change for parking (admission to the festival is free, but parking is a $2 donation)
– Money for food (we usually have about $40 to cover our meals because it can cost anywhere between $10-15 per person, as well as for other snacks)
– Money for the vendors

For events like this, especially during the summer months, it’s key to pay attention to the weather. It will affect everything you do and how long you do it for. Remember to stay hydrated and when it gets too hot head for somewhere cool, even if it’s just taking a break in the shade.

Summer festivities are in full swing right now, so everyone have fun and stay safe!



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