Sarah’s Organizing Style

When it comes to lists and organizing I take a very colourful approach. Just ask Bonnie, my textbooks and notebooks from our college classes were filled with high-lighter and different coloured sticky tabs marking each place of important things I needed (more like hoped) to remember.

Even some people say I over organize, when my fiancee glances at my computer while I’m checking my email he’s amazed at the number of folders. But when he makes a comment I just tell him that my folders keep me sane. With the chaos and destruction that my son causes on a daily basis when I open my email accounts (yes that’s right I have multiple accounts, each one is for specific things) it’s comforting seeing everything in it’s place.

I may not have as many lists as Bonnie, but some of my lists have sub-lists.  So here’s look into what I have going on right now.
– Wedding plans (this is the one with all the sub-lists, which as you can imagine is very extensive)
– Planning my son’s 2nd birthday
– Getting ready to house sit for my in-laws
– Clearing out our storage room to prep for some renovations

I don’t have that many to do lists because since I’m home all day, when I come up with something I need to do I just get it done. It’s the big things that will take days or months to plan are when I put my organizing skills to good use.



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