Bonnie’s Organized Style

So, I make lists like no ones business. I have a notebook and pens on me at all times, and have been known for having quite a few lists on the go at once.

My current lists are as follows:
– Garage to do: (we’re renovating the deck, which is attached to the garage so we have to have everything taken out.)
– Summer to do: (I have a bunch of projects I have started or want to start before Labor Day)
– To do general: (grocery lists, cleaning lists, etc)
– Vacation to do: (things I want to get done in my time off work at the end of August)
– Erin/Lara birthday party to do: (I’m planning a birthday party for two different friends in two different groups of friends)
– Books/movies: (summer reading and watching)
– Fan Expo to do: (I’m beginning to plan our trip to Toronto)
– Blog to do: (Sarah and I have an on going list of posts we want to make)

So, this is my list of lists, I did not include work, because that is a whole other ball-game.
For work I have a base to do list for each day of the week, which I print off. (All of the above list are mostly hand written) and then hand write the new or other tasks as the day or week goes along.

I feel less out of control with a list in my hand. I don’t always use them right on the spot, but nothing says accomplished to me like crossing something off my list!



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